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The Last Days in Kalyanpur

An Indian film about the end of the world in 2012 – The Last Days in Kalyanpur

The film is about Kalyanpur, a small village struggling with unemployment and no future prospects for its residents

By – Rakesh Singh ‘Sonu’

Remember the sci-fi Hollywood film ‘2012’ which was released in 2009? The English flick 2012 was about how the world would come to an end in the year 2012. The Last Days in Kalyanpur…

An upcoming film is somewhat based on that theme. Titled as – The Last Days in Kalyanpur the film is about Kalyanpur which is a small beautiful village struggling with unemployment and no future prospects for its residents.

With no permanent means to earn a living, most of the village’s young population has left for big cities in a hope for bright future, leaving the old and fragile on their own to deal with the hardships of life.

Feeling helpless and left-out they have nothing left except for poverty and ill-fate until Kalyani decides to bring their smiles back by creating means of employment in the village itself and paving the way for self-empowerment. But for this they will all have to wait until Mohit, Kalyani’s son cracks down the prestigious IIT exams and gets to become an engineer, bringing back employment and prosperity in the village and thus helping the migrants return to their roots and end the agony of the old folks.

But this process of village-empowerment going to be a tedious task as it will take Mohit several years to implement the plan completely and a lot of money needed first, to cover for his coaching and tuition fees. And for this, each and every villager of this closely-bonded village is saving every penny to help Mohit cover the expenses.

For the coaching and entrance exam Mohit heads-off to the city, from where while returning, he is accompanied by a friend (girl), who brings a DTH antenna in the village. Amused with the new technology, the villagers for the first time get to know the outside world through it.

All is well, until they hear disastrous news on TV about the world coming to an end. The ignorant villagers start believing that they are all going to die soon. And this gives their life a U-turn. Some of them start calling their relatives to bid them last goodbye, while some want to fulfill all their wishes before dying. The villagers, who were saving every penny to fulfill their dream of empowerment, now spend all their savings to live life to the fullest in the remaining last few days of their life….

• Toh kya sachmuch duniya ka ant ho jata hai aur sab log mare jate hain?
• Toh kya Mohit gaunwalon ke sapne poore kar pata hai?

Credits of The Last Days in Kalyanpur:
Starring – Surya, Ami Patel
Directed By Vijay Mishra
Written By Vijay Mishra
Screenplay By Vijay Mishra
Produced By Firefilms

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