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Dusaryaa Jagatali … (Marathi Film)

… From another World

10 August 2012

This marathi film produced by Satish Randive released on 10 August has bagged several awards, including the Best Social Issue Related film and in the best direction category.

This story is based on Dr. Bhal Patil’s novel of the same title which is about orphan girl child. There are several reports of abandoned newly born girls. Several of them are virtually dumped in garbage. This story of endless wait as an lifetime punishment or those innocent orphans to see & meet their parents.

Dusaryaa Jagatali is the story of Abha (played by Rajdatta) who is the founder of this orphanage who pick up abandoned girls from the society, some of them are physically left unattended in the cradle outside the orphanage’s gate.

The story revolves round a helpless young girl – Rami (Vaishnavi Randive) and her upbringing in the orphanage, but this ashram has rule that only girls upto the age of 18 can reside here, and then they are on their own.

The ultimate aim of this ashram is to try to find families who can adopt a girl child, and one of the several initiatives is that a family (of course having checked their background) can invite a girl from the ashram on occasions like Diwali and to know how it feels to have a girl child in the house. It is a story of struggle of the orphanage management to find suitable & deserving parents for adoption of their children in orphanage.

For the girl who leaves the ashram and goes to the family’s house, is an experience with the outside world.

Rami, once during Diwali has the delight of staying at Desai’s house where she becomes a darling of Mrs Desai, and her sons also become fond of the girl.

The anticipation of this helpless girl child who yearns for her parents, but her future is unknown.

Dusaryaa Jagatali is a fine emotional, tear jerker shot at studio and actual locations in Kolhapur.

Madhu Kambikar
Nanda Randive
Vaishnavi Randive as child artist – Rami
Pramod Shinde
Susane Bernard
Nash Nobert

Credits & Crew:
Presenter – Nalinottam Pandav
Producer, Screenplay and Direction – Satish Randive
Based on the story by Dr Bhal Patil
Music – Sashank Powar and Manohar Golambare
Cinematography – Sharad Chavan
Lyrics – Madhukar Arkade
Production Head – Ramesh Gaikwad
Art – Satish Bidkar
Production – Vijay Khochikar
Costumes – Subhash Kamble
Make up – Sunil Musale, Vijay Dhere
Hairstyle – Sangeeta Patil, Mangal Khot

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