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‘Tendulkar Out’ only on Zee Talkies

Tendulkar Out

World television premiere on June 22 on Zee Talkies

June 12, 2014: Zee Talkies presents power packed entertainment package ‘Tendulkar Out’ soon to come on your television set. The roller coaster rides of laughter enjoyed earlier in the theater will be experienced soon at your home on June 22, 2014 during the world television premiere on Zee Talkies. Each house in Maharashtra will witness the echo of laughter because of the comic story backed by strong star cast.

Tendulkar Out directed by Swapnil Jaykar received applauding response from the audience. Though the film is no where connected to Bharat Ratna Master Blaster Sachin Tendulkar but is well built up around India – Pakistan match on one hand and the lead characters of the film fighting their own battle on the other hand. The story revolves around three youngsters Nair (Santosh Juvekar), Abbas (Vijay Maurya) and Lefty (Aniket Vishwasrao). All three boys obtain an assignment to kill B grade movie producer Sunil Tendulkar (Sayaji Shinde).  Sunil Tendulkar is a huge fan of actress Velvet Manisha (Sai Tahmankar) whereas on the other than Tendulkar’s wife (Neelam Shirke) is enjoying her love relation with Dhanu (Atul Parchure). Will these three master minds succeed in killing Tendulkar? This mystery and your questions will be answered on 22nd June on Zee Talkies at 12.00pm & 9.00pm

Always with the promise to offer something unique, Zee Talkies again offers a different kind of movie – ‘Tendulkar Out’ to its audience. The film is strongly built with the entertaining performances by Santosh Juvekar, Vijay Maurya and Aniket Vishwasrao. The bonanza of the film is the well known actor in negative role Sayaji Shinde who will be seen in different shade and adding extra fun with his hilarious performance. The entire recipe will be perfectly spiced with Sai Tahmankar, Neelam Shirke and Atul Parchure adding zing to the storyline.

As Sachin Temdulkar assures his best performance and guarantees the win, ‘Tendulkar Out’ also guarantees ‘Paisa Wasool’ entertainment. Wait and watch Tendulkar Out on June 22 at 12 noon and 9 pm only on Zee Talkies.

Tendulkar Out

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