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Reena Kapoor plays the mother in Ranjhu Ki Betiyan

It is very common to see actors to get type-cast in India, hence quite often actors generally prefer not to do roles that are older than what they are. Here is one actress, Reena Kapoor who does not choose her roles until the character is well written and portrayed. She says she doesn’t have a problem staying home for 2…

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Cast of Ranju Ki Betiyaan

In our spare time in-between the shoots of Ranju Ki Betiyaan, we create our personal videos where Ayub Sir directs and Deepshikaji and I perform, says Karan Khandelwal who adds that there are more in their team to have joined them later on. Television production sets are different from other workplaces. It could take hours for a cinematographer to light…

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Ranju Ki Betiyaan

Mumbai, 25th February 2021: Sitting alone in the garden, Ranju remembers the time how Guddu Ji misbehaved on their first night and didn’t even come to see Shalu when she was born. Ranju Ki Betiyaan… The next day Lalita secretly takes Jamuna’s and Ranju’s contact numbers from Guddu Ji’s phone. Jamuna comes to Ranju’s house pretending that she needs money and…

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