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RIP Till We Meet Again

“I personally believe that there is certainly a parallel world where all our loved ones who have left us are living a new life. I strongly feel, this bonding with our loved ones is not temporary. It’s not just for this lifetime. We keep meeting them again & again in new lives, in new forms,” believes Udayyan Raathore, the director…

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Pepper Chicken 2020
A psychological thriller, Pepper Chicken revolves around two central characters - Vaidehi, a young Radio Jockey in Guwahati, Assam, who has just finished her final programme as she is to get married with her boyfriend with the hopes of leading the rest of her life in marital bliss. Pepper Chicken is streaming on Shemaroo Box Office. The second pivotal character is a Radio Cab driver Dashamesh (Boloram Das) who has a hidden personality. The journey begins with the Vaidehi who wants to be left alone during the ride, while the cabbie is a friendly talkative type. Its night time and en-route they stop by at a local Dhaba for a quick bite and then proceed further when they encounter a rowdy bike gang, a corrupt police man yet they proceed further only to face a car break down. They are in the midst of dense woods and its pitch dark at the place where the car broke down. The cabbie sp ....
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