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Sachin Pilgaonkar as Khansaheb

Sachin Pilgaonkar in & as Khansaheb in Essel Vision’s marathi film Katyar Kaljat Ghusali     Mumbai: He started his career as a child actor in Marathi film Ha majha Marg Ekla and won the National award for the same and after that he never looked back. He is an ace actor, brilliant director, successful producer and joyous singer Sachin Pilgaonkar. And after his glorious 53…

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Nandita Singgha at J Dey press conference

Nandita Singgha ’s Hollywood Marathi Film J DEY Will Focus On A Crime Journalist’s Bonding With His Family!   The Youth Voice Worldwide and Hollywood Filmmaker, Nandita Singgha believes that family support means the world for a Crime Journalist as he/she leaves his/her home fearlessly for the passion of their profession knowing that they might not return back home safely…

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Janiva - Marathi film review
Mahesh Manjrekar's son Satya makes his debut in Janiva, a thriller drama Marathi film. Janiva, which means realization, is a story of a young boy, Sameer Deshpande (Satya Manjrekar), who is very sensitive and believes in working for charities and helping others. The film begins with Sameer, a teenaged college boy reporting of a murder at a Police station. Without any regrets, the cool headed lad informs the duty Inspector that he has committed the murder himself. Then the film goes into flashback and goes on back and forth narrating the chain of events why this young lad had to take this extreme step. Five teenagers lead a fun filled life, celebrating birthdays, frolicking around sometimes on their skate-boards. This bunch of five is a fun loving group owns a rock band who spreads social awareness through their new lingo songs and also raises fund for various social cause and with t ....
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Chintamani, Marathi film, first look

For the first time – Bharat Jadhav and Amruta Subhash paired together Kalpana Shetty of Satya Vision Achievers Spectrum Films, Sangeeta Balchandran and Pranav Vinod Pathak come together to produce this Marathi film directed by Sangeeta Balchandran, Chintamani is expected to release on 31 October all over Maharashtra. On the occasion of its first look launch, the entire cast and…

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Music launch of Shree Yogi

There have been innumerable saints who have been born in Maharashtra, right from Sai Baba of Shirdi to Akalkot Swami Samarth, Saint Tukaram to Saint Pundalik, Saint Gyaneshwar to Saint Eknath, Sant Sakubai to Sant Janabai. The audience all over Maharashtra is well aware of their noble contributions thanks to films like Shirdi Ke Saibabaa, Sant Eknath, Sant Tukaram, Sant gyaneshwar, Sant…

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