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Darling - Marathi film releases in Jan 2021

Ever since the phase of the unveiling of the lockdown had started, there has been the news of only one Marathi film here there and everywhere. The film ‘Darling’ which is all set to be released all over Maharashtra on January!26, 2021 has kept the audiences on tenterhooks, eagerly awaiting the outcome of the robust youthful love story. The title…

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Prathamesh Parab in a different avatar in DARLING

While the impact of Covid-19 is now slowly and steadily reducing, the uncontrolled enthusiasm of the audiences to watch new films after being deprived of films for the last seven months, is also on the increase, especially with the good and sweet news by the Government of Maharashtra that theatres will be allowed to open from November 6 onwards this…

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Darling A Killer Love Story
This Ram Gopal Varma's movie is the story of a man, his wife and his dead lover. The film's title is therefore called Darling - A Killer Love Story. Aditya Soman (Fardeen Khan) is a philandering, unfaithful husband, who, nevertheless, loves his wife and kid. Office affairs are just another perk he enjoys, with no strings attached. But when he gets in physical relationship with his secretary Gita Menon (Esha Deol), he has no clue what a deadly mess he'll find himself in. \ Gita's wild wanton ways camouflage her insecurity. She knowing well that he is married, has an affair with Aditya. And she believes he loves her enough to marry her. But the truth kills her. And then she comes back to collect what's her due. Ashvini (Isha Koppikar) is Aditya's pretty, homely middle-class wife. Her world revolves around her husband and son. When her husband starts acting strange, she blames it o ....
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