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Dhara 302, movie review
An action–gang war film based on true events in the land of Rajasthan. It is the story of a boy Veer Singh who takes the route of crime under difficult circumstances at the age of 12 years. The young lad is forced to continue his journey in the big bad world of crime and he ends up becoming a bigger criminal. It follows the life struggle of a man who unfortunately ends up becoming a criminal. Veer Singh joins a notorious gang of Jhalavad which indulges in all ill-legal business and has attained its dominance over crime world. He then steers such a crime mechanism that leads to his supremacy in the underworld of Rajasthan. Change of heart doesn’t help the protagonist as he’s forced to lead a life which nobody would want to. However, his lady love Kalpana makes him choose the right path. While the rival gangster has placed his eyes upon Kalpana, she gathers all her might an ....
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Dipti Dhotre in Dhara 302

She Is from Pune. Was keen in acting since College, haven’t undergone any formal training in action, and it is her keen observation sense that has brought her to this level. Was a video editor for a corporate agency and then went on to assist the action editor of Salman Khan’s ‘Bodyguard’. This was the turning point in her career…

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Kashmakash - item song in Dhara 302

Item Song ‘Kashmakash’ from Hindi film Dhara 302 filmed   08th October 2015, Mumbai: Item songs are still in demand! And the proof of this was filming of item number ‘Kashmakash’ from upcoming Hindi film Dhara 302. This fast paced & foot-tapping song was filmed in Mumbai at a night club.  Lead actors Rufy Khan & Dipti Dhotre displayed their awesome chemistry…

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