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Bioscopewala Poster

Bioscopewala is an extrapolation of Rabindranath Tagore’s Kabuliwala. It extends the story from where Tagore’s Kabuliwala ends. In this extrapolation, Kabuliwala shows films to children in Kolkata on his bioscope. Being with the children, specially young Mini, reminds him of his daughter who is in Kabul ravaged by civil war. (The girl in the image attached is his daughter ).…

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Frozen, movie review
Frozen is a Black and White Hindi feature film shot entirely in locations in Ladakh at about 12,000 feet above sea level where the temperature range between -5 to -20 degrees. Debutant director Shivajee Chandrabhushan. Filmed entirely in black and white, it immaculately captures the cold and unrelenting hostility of the mighty Himalayas mountain range. The story of Frozen revolves around a small family living an almost hand-to-mouth existence up in the mountains. Their lives change when the army sets up their camp next door. Presence of the armed forces and the undercurrents of terrorism and war bring about a disparity in the neat backdrop of this region. Karma (Danny Denzongpa) a widower with a teenaged daughter Lasya (Gauri) and younger son Chomo (Angchuk) is burdened with looking after his family as well as earning his livelihood by the traditional seasonal business of apricot j ....
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BABY - Hindi movie review
An elite counter-intelligence unit learns of a plot, masterminded by a maniacal madman. With the clock ticking, it's up to them to track the terrorists' international tentacles and prevent them from striking at the heart of India.   Post the 26/11 attacks in Mumbai a team of special officers is formed and they are assigned mission 'BABY'. The job is to find and eliminate terrorists who are planning attacks in various cities in India.  To put it simply, Baby is the most realistic portrayal of the life and times of a brave spy whose job is to thwart terror plots. This one is undoubtedly the best Bollywood action - spy thriller which matches Hollywood flicks of this genre.  Afte conning people in Special 26, Akshay Kumar is back in a role ....
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Bang Bang Hindi movie review
Hrithik and Katrina star in this action movie, a remake of the Hollywood film - Knight and Day (Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz), directed by Siddharth Anand and produced by Fox Star Studios.

Bang Bang Hindi Movie Review

Supposedly touted as the most expensive Bollywood film, it is high octane action drama mounted on huge canvas, superb action scenes, hot chemistry between the lead pair and yet it lacks soul. There is virtually no storyline and those family scenes depict no connect between the protagonist and his parents, rather they slow down the pace. It begins with action sequence in London where a dreaded terrorist Omar Zafar (Danny Denzongpa) escapes through his aides, right in presence of an Indian army officer Viren Nanda (Jimmy Shergill). Omar Zafar ruthlessly murders the Indian soldier. Omar Zafar is informed by his abettor Hamid Gul (Jaaved Jaffrey) that the Britis ....
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