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BANG BANG – Hindi Movie Review

A cute banker gets involved with a spy trying to clear his name


Bang Bang Hindi movie review

Hrithik and Katrina star in this action movie, a remake of the Hollywood film – Knight and Day (Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz), directed by Siddharth Anand and produced by Fox Star Studios.

Bang Bang Hindi Movie Review

Supposedly touted as the most expensive Bollywood film, it is high octane action drama mounted on huge canvas, superb action scenes, hot chemistry between the lead pair and yet it lacks soul. There is virtually no storyline and those family scenes depict no connect between the protagonist and his parents, rather they slow down the pace.

It begins with action sequence in London where a dreaded terrorist Omar Zafar (Danny Denzongpa) escapes through his aides, right in presence of an Indian army officer Viren Nanda (Jimmy Shergill). Omar Zafar ruthlessly murders the Indian soldier.

Omar Zafar is informed by his abettor Hamid Gul (Jaaved Jaffrey) that the British government is on the verge of signing a Special Extradition treaty with India. The dreaded terrorist comes up with a plan to derange the talks with the offer of announcing a prize of 5 million Dollars to whoever (should be an Indian only) steals the Kohinoor Diamond from the Brits.

Its breaking news that the Kohinoor has been stolen. The thief has to be paid the prize money in taking the possession of the diamond, and the deal takes in Shimla (in north India).

So far its good. Then comes the track of a bank employee, who is a single woman residing with her grandmother, and it is her grandmother who is trendy in her thinking, pressuring the conservative single lady to seek a boy friend and be with the times.

So this girl, Hasleen Kaur (Katrina Kaif) creates a profile in a dating site and decks up for her first date (would you believe it?).

Rajveer turns up in a coffee shop where Hasleen has been waiting for her date. Mistaking him to be the blind date, She falls in love with him. There the diamond thief is attacked by the goons again, and they escape from the coffee shop, leaving behind the damage which comes to the notice of Indian intel agencies who are looking out for the missing Kohinoor and the thief.

Then begins an action adventure for Rajveer who is dodging the goons on one side while the Indian Intel agencies are on his trail.

The action scenes are at par with Hollywood standards thanks to the credit of Hollywood action director Andy Armstrong. Action sequences of Hrithik doing the fly board stunts is the highlight of this film which has been shot in picturesque locales of Prague, US, Thailand, Greece and parts of North India.

Hrithik and Katrina are the new hot pair. It is nice to see Danny Dengzongpa back with his wicked looks. Jimmy Shergill is there only in the beginning.

Bang Bang is Hrithik’s most adventurous film all the way with car chases, shoot-outs, bombing raids and general global mayhem.

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Hrithik Roshan as Rajveer Nanda
Katrina Kaif as Harleen Sahani
Danny Denzongpa as Omar Zafar
Jaaved Jaffrey as Hamid Gul
Pawan Malhotra as Zorawar
Vikram Gokhale as Narayanan (Indian Secret Service Chief)
Jimmy Shergill as Viren Nanda
Kanwaljit Singh as Rajveer’s Father
Deepti Naval as Rajveer’s Mother
Parth Akerkar as Robert
Kishan Gohel as Parker
Préity Üupala as Bar Dancer

Studio – Fox Star Hindi
Directed By Siddharth Anand
Written By Sujoy Ghosh, Suresh Nair
Screenplay By Sujoy Ghosh, Suresh Nair
Produced By Prashant Shah, Navmeet Singh

Bang Bang Hindi Movie Review