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Mumbai – 125 KM – Hindi movie review

No speed Breakers in this Trip


Mumbai 125 KMs

When we talk about Long journeys, what comes to our mind – Romance, Adventure, Scary, Excitement, Isn’t it ? Well that is what the forthcoming movie Mumbai – 125 KM about – Journey. Now lets see weather it proves to be Romantic Adventures movie or will it as usual a Boring Trip.

Mumbai – 125 KM is a story of five friends who as usual plan to go to Mumbai on 31st Dec Night to celebrate their New year (12 AM) in Mumbai by a local road where there’s less traffic, But destiny has planned something else for them. Enroute they witness a Ghost named Poonam (Veena Malik) who was travelling with her Husband (Rajeiv Anand) seven years ago with her small child and was killed in a accident. Henceforth , poonam kills everyone who comes on that road except Ashika is being left because of her pregnancy .

The story is quite dragging in the first half, It revolves around five friends stopping the car n number of times when they listen any sound or see something unnatural. Instead they could have the added the story side by side of couple , of what exactly has happened. There could be more drama, but first half half left dissatisfied with just these guys travelling & they witness just one car numbered 666 which used to leave one body of their friend who were kidnapped.

Second Half seems to to be interesting as it reveals the face of Ghost couple (Veena malik & Rajeiv Anand) killing all of these group members. Instead their could be more drama , they could have added more of about the ghost . Al last ashika goes to ashika ‘s place and their she gets the know the story by her mother and tells her that too , that you was saved because you were pregnant.

Veena malik (Poonam) & Rajeiv Anand were happily married and since seven years they had no child. Poonam desperately wanted a baby , so she always kept telling that you are not attracted towards girls , and one day it happened – Poonam was pregnant. when their baby was born, poonam became more conservative so friends suggested to talk to consultant in mumbai and on their way back they met with an accident.

Its uncertain to Dubb the voice of the lead Actor Rajeiv Anand when he was a Radio Jockey at one point. Actors should be respected for their work and if it isn’t , it could not have been justified. The 3D isn’t at all justified , the movie could have been made in 2D so that at least single screen public go ahead and watch.

Directed By : Hemant Madhukar
Produced By : Hemant Madhukar

Cast :
Rajeiv Anand
Veena Malik
Karanvir Bohra
Vedita Pratap Singh
Joe Debroy

Review : Two Stars to the film – One star to some really exciting punchline that these five witenss while their journey , and one can be be given ti its 3D effects. 3D was good enough , but wasn’t really needed.

Rating :★★ Stars to the film

Review By : Pawan Gupta

Mumbai – 125 KM – Hindi movie review

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