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Kanu Priya

Producer of the successful super-natural fiction show ‘Ardhsatya’ – the actress and celebrity host Kanu Priya  has a unique take about how people should deal with the Coronavirus pandemic.  The popular show Ardhsatya was produced for the OTT platform Watcho, Sharing her viewpoint on social media, the soul-searching actress says, “COVID-19 is not a fight. Its a journey of surrender.”…

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Ardhsatya - Gujarati Play

An intriguing mystery about case M.M.R.28 (Missing Minors Register). Not only an intriguing mystery with twists and turns, Ardhsatya delves into the psyche of a middle class family who has just shifted to distance suburbs from her SoBo (South Mumbai) residence. While they are in the process of adapting to the hectic lifestyle in their new neighborhood, and the life…

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