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Usha Jadhav Oct2020

Actor Usha Jadhav bags Best Actor Female award at IndoGerman Film week for the film Mai Ghat: Crime No. 103/2005 Versatile actor Usha Jadhav is widely known in the Marathi film industry too, has rendered such a powerful performance in the movie Mai Ghat: Crime No. 103/2005 that has ultimately fetched her the best actor female award at the IndoGerman…

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Staying Alive - movie review
Sujit Sen, the talented script writer has come up with a fine black comedy Staying Alive, which borrows from real life. Staying Alive is based on a true story of a journalist Aditya (Anant Mahadevan) whose third heart attack sends him to the intensive cardiac care at a hospital. On the neighboring bed is an underworld kingpin, Shaukat Ali (Saurabh Shukla) whose love of kebabs has led him to his first heart attack. Aditya is a newspaper sub-editor while Shaukat Ali is a hardened gangster and ironically it is Shaukat who is petrified of dying, while Aditya scoffs at death. The “seasoned” Aditya scoffs at death whereas newcomer to-heart-ailments Shaukat is petrified. The two unlikely hospital inmates strike a love-hate relationship with Aditya relaying a few truths about life to Shaukat. Shaukat appreciates the joy of staying alive even in a life deprived of kebabs. Slowly a ....
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