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Sayali Bhagat reveals her Fear

Sayali Bhagat at Home Stay Music Launch

HOME STAY… Stay Alive! First look and Music Launched

Sayali is neither scared of wild animals nor reptiles. But goes on to admit, “I get scared of lizards”. While the cool dude Ashmit Patel recounted his shooting schedules in Coorg in South India, as smooth sailing expect for the absence of mobile network, which detached him completely from his family and friends.
Sayali Bhagat and Ashmit Patel were at an event for the first look and audio release of writer-director Santhosh Kodenkeri’s maiden Hindi venture ‘Home Stay’, a psycho thriller film, which was held at Sheesha Sky Lounge, Andheri in Mumbai.

The film is shot at Coorg and at the event recalling the shooting experience Ashmit Patel term it as terribly terrifying as the area was surrounded by elephants and other wild creatures.

As therre was no mobile phone signal the entire crew was virtually cut off from the world. Both Ashmit and Sayali said that the shooting of the film was memorable experience.
HOME STAY… Stay Alive! movie is horror thriller which tells a dark and night spent by girl in a home stay at coorg.

Sayali Bhagat plays the lead character of the film, a bold and beautiful girl – Akshara, travelling to a place where she can stay and to surprise her fiancée who stays there. She comes to a stay home which is quiet far from city located in a beautiful and interior place. Owner of the stay home shows her room and makes her comfortable and then leaves to his home which is attached close to the stay home.

Thrilling part of movie begins here with extremely scary situation where she staying alone in home stay in that dark night. As time passes, as the night darks with some sound of nature, the way of her psychological mind reacts with the availed situation. As time lapses, her situations are going badly and even out of control as some super natural element travels on that place.
HOME STAY… Stay Alive! is produced under the banner of Miracle Movie Makers and is written and directed by Santhosh Kodenkeri.


Home Stay, Stay Alone Music Launch

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