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Rohit Shetty at Janhavi Samant’s Faaltugiri & Other Flashbacks Book Launch

Rohit Shetty at Faltugiri book launch

Rohit Shetty launched the debut novel of Journalist Janhavi Samant’s Faaltugiri and Other Flashbacks

Mumbai, July 20, 2019: A fun, light-hearted book on the joys and adventures of childhood in the ’80s, the book launch function had all the guests in a nostalgic mood. While enjoying a fun chapter on the arrival of the VCR, Rohit shared a few fun episodes from his own past. He laughingly narrated about a time when he directed a school play – recreating the famous Gabbar Singh scene – as a child and the cassette recorder got stuck mid-way in the scene in the book Faaltugiri!

Rohit also regaled the crowd with stories of how posters of 80s films used to be and how animals were so popular in films then.

Rohit had all the guests in splits with these stories from Faaltugiri. He reminisced several other filmy town’s event prevalent in those days some decades ago.

Actress author Sonali Kulkarni and screenwriter and documentary filmmaker Paromita Vohra were among other special guests who shared stories about their childhoods and the eighties at the Faaltugiri book launch event . Sonali shared stories of how the kids in a childhood play refused to leave the stage because they were busy eating on stage!

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