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‘Sarkaar Hazir Ho’ all set to release on 22nd June 2018

Despite its controversial title, ‘Sarkaar Hazir Ho’ gets Censor clearance

Mumbai, May 22, 2018:

In the past few days due to the use of Prime Minister’s name and controversial title, the film Sarkaar Hazir Ho has cleared all the obstacles and gets the censor certificate.

The film is set to hit the theatre all over the country on 22nd June 2018.Under the banner of Pandit Vyas, the producer, and director of the film is Pandit Vyas.

Sarkaar Hazir Ho is a courtroom drama and is starring Karishma Kunwar, Amit Kumar, Aarti Joshi, Manoj Malhotra, Prithvi Jutsi, Anupama Sharma and Hemant Sharma. The leading industrialist and social worker of Mumbai, M M Gupta is the film presenter.

There is a lot of interesting turn in the film’s plot. A very sensational murder case of 18 years old Juhi and her servant Hemant has come to the court. They both were killed in Juhi’s house on the same night. After the initial investigations, Juhi’s parents were considered to be guilty of both the murder, but there are many hidden deep secret behind these murders. Juhi and her mother Indra Sarkaar (Anupama Sharma) relationship were not at all good.

In the further disclosure of the murder, few characters related to Indra past life also comes up and this leads to her love Sagar (Manoj Malhotra), the biggest reason of Juhi’s murder. The film encompasses an extremely cruel phenomenon of mystery thrill, along with its selfishness and greed, to lift relationships.


On being inspired by Aarushi’s murder and Sheena Bora’s murder, Pandit Vyas said: “The story of “Sarkaar Hazir Ho” appears to be a completely new story and taken from the society. It’s a suspense and thriller movie, a large part of the film involves courtroom, which actually happens after this type of incident. Our film is the complete reflection of the society and audience will have an unexpected climax.”

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