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Apeksha Jaswal to head newly launched music label APEKSHA MUSIC

Ajay Jaswal and daughter Apeksha Jaswal launch Apeksha Music

Ajay Jaswal and his daughter Apeksha globally unveil their new music label ‘APEKSHA MUSIC’

Ajay Jaswal and his daughter Apeksha globally unveil their new music label ‘APEKSHA MUSIC’

The father-daughter duo are all set to launch the audio of 4 songs with renowned artists – Kunal Ganjawala, Nakash Aziz, Shaan and Shahid Mallya under the banner of Apeksha Music.

This would be followed by Apeksha Music’s launch of one video every week for the next 4 months.

Come 31st July, 2019 and Bollywood would witness the launch of a new entrant in the Music industry. “Music is a therapy to attain peace and positivity. Apeksha Music promises you the kind of music that will touch your soul” says Ajay Jaswal who hails from an ex-Army background and has an established Real Estate business and a pre-owned showroom of high end cars.

Apeksha Music will be headed by Ajay’s daughter Apeksha Jaswal who is an Arts graduate in Psychology with a bent towards music. “I want to bring originality to the fore with good feel music and also introduce good English music,” she mentioned which speaking to FilmyTown.

Having already established the Apeksha Films & Apeksha News Network, the father-daughter duo take yet another revolutionary step with the launch of Apeksha Music. “Music is important for creativity. Music fuels the mind and thus it fuels our creativity. A creative mind allows to make great discoveries and innovations,” mentioned Apeksha.

“Apeksha Music will be home to the most loved & commercially successful artists but we want to encourage fresh talent as well. There are so many talented artistes coming to Mumbai to pursue their dream but having to leave because they couldn’t cut it in the big city. They have the talent, but nowhere to perform and connect with the right audience. I want to give them a chance to showcase their work and connect them with the audiences,” Apeksha explained.

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