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Salman mentors Daisy Shah, his lead heroine in ‘Jai Ho’


Daisy Shah is one of those few who doesn’t have a filmy background. And so, her mentor Salman feels the need to groom her.

Salman Khan has a long list of people that he has extended his helping hand to and has groomed to establish themselves in the film industry.

The most talked about of the list being Katrina Kaif. In the diva’s initial phases in the industry, she owes it all to the Khan for his support and advices.

Just like that, this time it is Daisy Shah, the leading lady of his upcoming film, Jai Ho who will be groomed by the star Khan.

Daisy Shah, who has shared screen space with Salman earlier as well but as a background dancer in his films will be sharing screen space with him yet again but this time as by starring opposite him.

Just like Katrina Kaif did not have a filmy family background, even Daisy Shah does not have a film background.

While Salman Khan has played an angel to a whole lot of people in the industry, the next person to get his hand is Daisy Shah.

Since she is new in the industry, Salman is explaining her about how things function in the industry, how she needs to start her interviews and deal with the media.

Daisy is a simple girl and Salman has asked her to keep her simplicity intact as that is her identity and that is what will take her a long way.

Ironically, as the trailer shows, the concept of the film is also majorly about helping people and Salman is the living example of this concept.

Spokesperson confirms the news and adds, “Daisy does not belong to a film background, so as Salman is launch her he is also going to help her groom in the industry. He has already started sharing tips with her as they will soon start film promotions.”

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