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Recreation of ED Sheeran’s Shape of You by Sandeep Thakur

Sandeep Thakur Shape of You

Sandeep Thakur re-creates ED Sheeran’s Shape of You through his violin!

ED Sheeran’s Shape of You has created a large number of followers which includes celebrities as well. Recently Sushmita Sen released a video which featured her younger daughter Alisah as well. It is now considered to be the fad of the people, in particular that of the new generation youth that is progressively and rapidly changing its likes and dislikes. 

Sush had shot the video during her European trip. Infact Shah Rukh Khan & Disha Patani too were addicted to Shape of  You.

The latest to join this list is violinist Sandeep Thakur, one of the most sought after professional.

Sandeep Thakur released an instrumental for his violin cover. Sandeep said, “This is an unusual song to be picked for a violin cover. But I have always been experimental with my music and the endeavour persists to provide my audience with a twist and class in a representation of a musical work. Hope you will receive it with all the love this time around as well.”

The song has been shot aesthetically and features a young couple dancing away on the soothing tunes played by Sandeep.

You can view the song here: watch?v=ZSJk5Y1VCh0

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