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Poster & Trailer launch of ‘QUARTER’

Quarter trailer launch

Trailer launch of Short film in Marathi – QUARTER

If we say that there is a big revolution happening in the Marathi film industry, it would be no exaggeration at all. Brimming with new and innovative out of the box ideas, the emerging new and young filmmakers are now constantly reinventing themselves by experimenting to the core with daring new thoughts and trying to carve their own individual niche for years to come with their sheer grit and determination. You may have only heard of new about the launch of posters and trailers of feature films till date but for the very first time in the annals of the Marathi Cinema, the poster as well as the trailer of a short film – Quarter has been launched, marking the beginning of an entirely new era in the Marathi Cinema.

Made under the banner of Navigns Studio Private limited, the auspicious launch of the poster as well as the trailer of the short film ‘Quarter’ was held on a grand scale at the Hotel ITC Grand Central at Parel on Saturday. Present on the occasion were Rajeev Khandelwal, producer Namrata Bandiwadekar, director Navjyot Bandiwadekar, Girija Oak Godbole, Aalap Bhagwat, Sameer Samant, Sandeep Kale, Yash Khanna besides Aashish Mhatre, Vivian Richard, Anmol Bhave, Prashant Rane and several other celebrities.

Young Navjyot Bandiwadekar, who has till date directed, edited, written and also cranked the camera for several short films, documentaries and informative films has directed Quarter which has been produced by Namrata Bandiwadekar. With Quarter, Girija Oak Godbole is making her debut as an actress in a short film, which is by itself the biggest USP of the short film.

Though it is difficult to fathom what the short film will set out to convey when you read its title, Navjyot Bandiwadekar says that he has tried to convey a lot of things through his film. He adds that he has made an attempt to make a short film on a subject that has not been made till date, saying, “I have created a world of human emotions on a big and wide canvas to present something which is very different and the viewers will realize that my short film has been able to reach entirely different heights altogether thanks to the presence of a consummate actress like Girija Oak Godbole.


“Girija has staged a comeback on the big screen with the short film ‘Quarter’. For quite some time Girija was seen only in ad films but with Quarter, she has reverted back to the big screen. Says Girija, “Quarter, being my very first short film, I have mixed feelings over being a part and parcel of the short film. The story and my powerful character, which is entirely different are what I liked the best about the film. The short film has catapulted me to a different world altogether and I am confident that the viewer also will be transported altogether to entirety different world after watching the film and experience a different journey.”

Aalaap Bhaagwat has written the story and the dialogues for the film while Yash Khanna is the Director of Photography. Ashish Mhatre and Apoorva Motiwale are the editors while Vivian Richards has composed the music. The sound design is by Anmol Bhave, Sandeep Kale isthe Executive Producer and Production Design by Prashant Rane.

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