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Kriti Sanon Shares Her Beauty Tips On How To Be Selfie Ready This Holi

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One word comes to mind when someone mentions Kriti Sanon is “stunning”.  

 The model-turned-actress is blessed with natural beauty. Her gorgeous thick hair and those desired curves. With Holi on coming up soon, this Bollywood diva shares her beauty regimen that keeps her skin and hair well protected from those harsh colours. So, read on!


Every Indian family has its unique festive rituals. Some wake up early to fill up water balloons and get their Holi gear ready. Others indulge in a long skin and hair routine just to make sure that they are well protected and ready for the big game. So does Kriti Sanon! “It’s always been a ritual in my family to apply a Coconut-based hair oil to the skin before going out to play Holi. We use this combination because it is lighter and smells festive. I have heard that Coconut Oil has its own SPF so I am always well protected from the harsh sun. I apply the same Coconut-based hair oil combination to my hair to protect it from the harsh sunlight and colours.”


Kriti has learnt the correct way to apply oil to the hair by watching her mother do it. “My mom showed me how to massage oil in the right way—in circular motions and by pulling the scalp upwards with the tips of your fingers. I remember my mother asking both me and my sister to apply a coconut-based hair oil generously on our hair before we went out to play with colours. This is something I follow even now, as colours can strip your hair of their natural moisture and make them dry. So coconut always does the trick and is the best ingredient to use for Holi. It’s multipurpose,” says Kriti.


Talking about her go-to Holi hairstyle, the diva shares some quick tips. “The half bun is my favourite Holi hairstyle because it is quick and keeps my hair in place. I start off by applying a good amount of Coconut-based hair oil infused with jasmine to my hair. Then all I do is tie up the top part into a bun and let the rest of the hair fall naturally. I am going to sport it this year and be Holi-Selfie ready.”


The Bollywood star has been living away from home and moved base from Delhi to pursue a career in films a few years ago and she always had fond memories of Holi. “As a ritual, on the night before Holi, I would sit on the kitchen counter and help my mother make a vessel-full of Thandai paste. The kitchen would always be filled with aromas of roses, spices and nuts, and of course Holi is about getting out there and having lots of fun with family and friends,” reminisces Kriti. “That one Holi dish that makes my mouth water is hot gujiyas washed down with cool Thandai. Having hot food while playing Holi hard just makes it complete for me.”


Kriti go-to fashion colour on Holi is white. This is of course just so that she can show off how much she has played. “Blue or green! On Holi, I prefer wearing a white shirt or a white kurta so that all the colours stand out and everyone knows how much I have played. I specifically love blue and green as they stand out and look so wonderful when thrown on somebody,” laughs the actress.


We also spoke to renowned dermatologist, Dr. Rashmi Shetty for tips on how to take care of hair after playing Holi, she said,“Be it straight, curly or in-between, a coconut based hair oil works best oil for all hair types. The week after Holi is when your hair needs the strongest boost of goodness possible. You will need to shampoo a couple of times to remove any traces of colour. Wash your hair with a very mild shampoo daily to get rid of residual colour and dirt. Follow this with an application of a warm coconut based hair oil. This ritual will help restore and rejuvenate your hair, nourishing it back to health.”

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