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Nikita Rawal to launch an app for equal treatment of trans genders in society

Nikita Rawal to launch app for transgenders

Actress and philanthropist Nikita Rawal is launching an app for the treatment of transgenders as equals in society. The talented actor who is also the recipient of the Mid-Day International Showbiz Icon award feels that they have long been wrongly done and we ought to bring them close and hence she has decided to take the step.

She aims to bring more awareness about the same and look at it from a different perspective for the society as a whole. They are as much humans as any one of us and it is a very positive reinforcement in the right direction. We can applaud and also join in bringing this to success. Nikita Rawal, speaks to Filmy Town:

How far would a doting father sacrifice his ethics just for his daughter’s happiness?

Nikita says, “I can’t stress enough on the fact that they are as much a part of our society as we are theirs. They are the third gender and have been treated very unequally for the longest and it’s time to change that.”

“I have always welcomed them with open arms and have had my fondest memories working with them or meeting and greeting them. So extending that we are creating an app which will aim at bringing awareness and reforms to treat them equally in society,” feels Nikita.

“That will take us long as a nation. We are in the midst of changes like never before and it is now that we ought to decide to take this step as it’s eventual. Love and light to everyone. Let’s bring everyone a little closer,” Nikita said.

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