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Tell me O Kkhuda

A Girl’s passionate quest for her origin


Tell me O Kkhuda - movie review

Tell Me O Kkhuda is the story of a girl’s search for her parents.

Else, why, one may ask should she leave the cocoon of luxury and comfort and embark on a turbulent journey to seek her roots? Tell Me O Kkhuda gives a most plausible reason for Tanya to chase her near impractical dreams and what follows is an array of dramatic and dangerous escapades into the wilds of Turkey, the deserts of Rajasthan and the carnival crazy Goa.

Tanya Kapoor (Esha Deol) has been brought up by her parents (Farooque Shaikh and Dipti Naval). She has everything in life, a family, nice lifestyle and now, a boyfriend, Jai (Arjan Bajwa).

By chance, Tanya comes across some documents which show that she is not the biological daughter of her parents but is rather adopted by them. Crestfallen she is, and so she decides to locate her parents.

She finds out from the municipal office that a fire had broken out in the hospital when she was born some 24 years ago which had caused several deaths and separation in the chaos.

Several guesses are chanced upon, the first one being that she could be the daughter of Abhay Pratap Rana (Vinod Khanna) of Rajasthan.

Seeking her foster parents’ permission, Tanya sets out for Rajasthan along with her boyfriend Jai and his friend, Kuki (Chandan Roy Sanyal).

After much of reluctance and then acceptance and then the truth reveals otherwise, she is disheartened. Happy that she checked out here, her next visit is to Turkey to check out Altaf Zardari (Rishi Kapoor). Tanya and Altaf Zardari manage to cure Altaf’s wife out of her 23 years old problem depression, just to realize that Altaf’s child was killed in the hospital fire. Heart-broken at not being able to locate her parents but happy to have brought a woman out of her depression of 24 years, Tanya leaves.

The third visit is in Goa, to meet Tony Gonsalves (Dharmendra). Here, too there is emotional drama and Tanya thinks was it really worth to set out on her adventure.

The film Tell me O Kkhuda does have its roller-coaster rides to the hopes and despair of Tanya. As befitting a young girl of her age and temperament, Tanya does not lose sight of a flash of romance that hits her way well before this arduous journey and continues to draw inspiration and strength from this romantic association during the search.

Tell me O Kkhuda is an emotional drama with parts of adventures. As compared to other bollywood dramas, it has that classy feel. It is about the life of a young girl who is indeed a tapestry of colour, courage, quest and an achievement to cap it all. We have Salman Khan in a special appearance in the song Someone Somebody which is well choreographed.

Esha Deol’s enactment as the girl in search of her roots is remarkable and there are a couple of emotional scenes which are moving. There are first-rate performances by Vinod Khanna, Rishi Kapoor and Farooq Sheikh and Arjan Bajwa gives a striking performance, while it is the screenplay that needed more efforts. Dharmendra’s action sequence is a mismatch in this family drama.

Another aspect where this film fails is in it having action in its climax which seemed unwanted in this emotional drama.

Cast of Tell me O Kkhuda:
Esha Deol – Tanya
Vinod Khanna – Abhay Pratap
Rishi Kapoor – Altaf Zardari
Farooq Sheikh – Ravi Kapoor
Arjan Bajwa – Jai
Dharmendra – Don Anthony
Sudhanshu Pandey
Chandan Roy Sanyal – Kuki
Hema Malini
Deepti Naval
Johnny Lever
Meltem Cumbul
Salman Khan in a Special appearance

Credits of Tell me O Kkhuda:
Banner: Miraj Group, H.M. Creations
Directed by Mayur Puri
Produced by Hema Malini
Music by Pritam
Tell me O Kkhuda – movie review