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Perfect Mismatch – movie review

Its a Mismatch


Perfect Mismatch, movie review

Perfect Mismatch was earlier titled as ‘Its a Mismatch’.

This film Perfect Mismatch is based on the topic of marriages outside the community. Or put it simply inter-cast marriage. The issue was significant some decades ago, but in the present times, its not at all an issue. Anyway, the film goes as….

Aman (Anubhav Anand) a talented young architect, raised by his Uncle has all the love and care a family could offer, even if he does take it for granted. While working towards his very own dream, his life takes a beautiful turn, when he bumps into the perfect girl Neha (Nandana Sen). The two fall in love, and nothing seems able to come between them.

Nothing, that is, until it comes time for their families to meet. Sparks fly. Every known disaster swtrikes when the hyper-vibrant Mr Bhalla (Anupam Kher) and the rigidly-conventional Mr Patel (Boman Iran) meet and their differences become hilariously apparent.

So, we have a Gujarati father and the other dad is a Punjabi. They always seem to have a problem with each other. Perfect Mismatch!

The two are woefully mismatched from the start. Disapproval inevitably comes when the two fathers lock horns, but the lovebirds, true to their feelings, are ready to do anything to make their dreams come true. They must find a way to bring their families together which leads to a comical series of misadventures of the two disapproving, faultfinding fathers.

Between the struggles of making his career dreams a reality and bringing the two families together, Aman realizes the true definition of family and what it really means to love someone.

The movie Perfect Mismatch is a passionate view of hilariously star-crossed romance, while never forgetting the importance of family, culture and staying true to one’s emotions. Like mentioned above, the story itself is a mismatch in present times. The girl and the boy watch helplessly as their dads openly differ and even have major problems.

Explore the lives of Mr Bhatia, Mr Patel, Aman and Neha, along with their families as they celebrate life, love and everything in between.

What is surprising in this story is that the romantic couple having discovered that their respective fathers don’t see eye to eye, they do not even attempt anything new or worthwhile to iron out their differences. On the other hand, assuming that the love birds would not want to waste time and efforts over such mundane issues, then in such a scenario, they are portrayed as rather conservative or a dull lovebirds unlike the frank and outspoken couples in this new gen.

It is Anupam Kher who is the star actor in this film, while Boman Irani does his part well in the brief role described in this project. The newcomers Anubhav Anand and Nandana Sen bring fressness in this romantic comedy, adding a sparkle in a scene or two.

Ajmal Zaheer Ahmad’s direction is disappointing, and he is even not supported with the script which is weak. The only thing commendable in here is the cinematography which is just about okay.

Cast of Perfect Mismatch:
Anubhav Anand – Aman
Nandana Sen – Neha
Anupam Kher – Mr. Bhalla
Boman Irani – Mr. Patel
Ranjita Chakravarty – Mrs. Bhalla
Sheel Gupta – Preeti
Rashmi Rustagi – Mrs. Patel
David E. Webb – Dave
Susan Smythe – Amy

Credits & Crew of Perfect Mismatch:
Banner – Xperience Films
Executive Producers – Dalip Singh Sethi, Harbinder Brar
Director – Ajmal Zaheer Ahmad
Lyricist – Kumaar
Music Director – Josh
Original Score – Steven Gutheinz
Line Producer – Alan Noel Vega
Original songs (Singer) – Josh
Cinematography – Robert Mehnert
Choreography – Achinta S McDaniel
Media Relations – Neelam Gupta
Perfect Mismatch, movie review