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Luck – movie review

The only thing certain about LUCK is that it will change


Luck, movie review

Luck is an action-thriller film directed and written by Soham Shah. In the leading roles are Imran Khan and Sanjay Dutt; with other actors who form the gang are the debutante Shruti Haasan, Danny Denzongpa, Mithun Chakraborty, Ravi Kishan and Chitrashi Rawat. Luck movie review…

The film begins with an edge of the seat sequence where five men – blindfolded with hand tied around their back – race across rail tracks but only one man was successful and comes out alive – Sanjay Dutt. It is the story of this man Karim Moussa (Sanjay Dutt), his luck and his rise to power.

Luck is a story about this boy Ram Mehra (Imraan Khan) who is burdened by countless circumstantial troubles. He reaches a point in life, where he has the ability but no opportunity to come out of the mess that life has offered him.

Ram, whose father committed suicide due to bankruptcy, left Ram to pay 200 million rupees to a bank within three months in order to regain his house. Ram cannot let his mother (Rati Agnihotri) know about this due to her health problems.

He unsuccessfully applied for US visa three times, and then he gets an offer which changes his life.


Something similar happens to Ram. And when he accepts the opportunity he recognizes his strengths which would pull him through the difficult times that lie ahead.
If only he was aware that the problems never end. All that he is now left with is his luck which he always has to put at test.

He has to conquer the hurdles raised by Moussa to win this game of Money, Greed and the biggest addiction of betting.
We also have Mithun playing the Major Sahib who is in need of money for his wife’s operation, Chitrashi Rawat is Shortcut a 16 year old girl who is a lucky camel rider, Ravi Kishan is the gray character Raghav who was hanged, but did not die, and left out free by the helpless law of the land. They are joined by Ayesha (Shruti Haasan).

The game of LUCK begins in Cape Town, South Africa. There are even more dangerous games than the Khatron Ke Khiladi type of games, games of life and death where the unlucky contestants face death.

Luck traces the path of its various characters and their lives. The film confirms how peoples lives and their luck change with time and circumstances.

Cast of Luck:
Sanjay Dutt – Karim Moussa aka Moussa Bhai
Imran Khan – Ram Mehra
Shruti Haasan – Ayesha Kumar and Natasha Kumar
Danny Denzongpa – Lakhan Tamang
Mithun Chakraborty – Major Jabbar Pratap Singh
Ravi Kishan – Raghav Kapoor
Chitrashi Rawat – Shortcut
Rati Agnihotri – Savitri Mehra (Ram’s mother)
Rupa Ganguly – Priya Singh (Jawar Pratap’s wife)
Kota Srinivasa Rao – Swami
Snita Mahey – Angela

Credits & Crew of Luck:
Banner: Shri Asthavinayak Cine Vision, Indian Films
Producer Dhilin Mehta
Director Soham Shah
Music Sulaiman Merchant, Salim Merchant
Writer Soham Shah
Lyrics Shabbir Ahmed, Anvita Dutt Guptan
Cinematographer: Santosh Thundiyil
Story Writer: Soham Shah
Screenplay Writer: Soham Shah, Renzil D’Silva
Editor: Biren Jyoti Mohanty
Associate Director: Manoj Rajdutt
Art Director: Narendra Rahurikar
Action Director: Allan Amin
Background Sound: Amar Mohile
Choreographer: Remo
Playback Singers: Sukhwinder Singh, Satya Hinduja, Salim Merchant, Shruti Pathak, Naresh Kamath, Shruti Haasan, Clinton Cerejo, Anushka Manchanda, Sulaiman Merchant
Luck, movie review