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Miley naa Miley Hum – movie review

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Miley naa Miley Hum - movie review

Chirag Mehra (Chirag Paswan) is a grown up kind hearted young guy who is always eager to help the poor people. He is a wonderful individual and seems to be liked by one and all. Miley naa Miley Hum movie review…

His parents have separated so he has to be half the time with his father Mr Mehra (Kabeer Bedi) who is comfortably rich and owns acres of vineyard. While he is not with his dad, he spends rest of his time with his super-rich mother (Poonam Dhillon) and accompanies her to office and other corporate meets.

Chirag wants to pursue his passion for tennis and his heart lies in this sport. But his mother disapproves this sport since it was her former husband’s passion too. So the mom tags him along to the office and her business meetings.

He is of an age where usually the guys date girls and have girl friends. But our guy seems to indulge in helping the needy all the time, and rest of the time being with his dad or his mother.

So what happens is that the super rich mom decides to find a bride for her son, while the bride-to-be is an NRI fashion designer (Sagarika Ghatge). If the mother thinks for her son, how can the father be far behind?

Mr Mehra wants Chirag to marry his best friend’s daughter Manpreeet (Neeru Bajwa).

Chirag is not ready for such a thing at all. So, in a flash of brilliance, he points out to a hoarding and tells his parents that he is already in love with the model in the hoarding ad. The model is Anishka (Kangna Ranaut). The fact is Chirag hasn’t even met her and Anishka might have not heard about him at all.

As for the performances, Miley naa Miley Hum is the debut film for Chirag Paswan, so nothing much is expected out of him. He is handsome, but at times appears camera conscious. Only hope he would appear in his natural self in his other films.

Kangana Ranaut is wonderful as the struggling actress in the film. Sagarika Ghatge is impressive and Neeru Bajwa looks glamorous. Poonam Dhillon seems uncomfortable in the role of a super-rich mother, and Kabir Bedi as expected, excels.

The film Miley naa Miley Hum is more of a family drama, while it could have been a breezy film had it been more focused in the romantic genre. Just an average film.

Cast of Miley naa Miley Hum:
Chirag Paswan – Chirag
Kangna Ranaut – Anishka Shrivastav
Kabir Bedi – Siddharth
Poonam Dhillon – Shalini
Sagarika Ghatge – Kamiah
Neeru Singh – Manjeet
Dalip Tahil
Suresh Menon
Kunal Kumar
Shweta Tiwari in an item number

Credits & Crew of Miley naa Miley Hum:
Banner – Maverick Productions
Producer – Anuuj Saxena
Director – Tanveer Khan
Lyricist – Javed Akhtar
Story Writer – Tanveer Khan
Music Director – Sajid Wajid
Cinematography – Baba Azmi
Choreography – Raju Khan
Editor – Rameshwar S Bhagat
Screenplay – Girish Dhamija, Tanveer Khan
Sound Design – Jitendra Chaudhary
Miley naa Miley Hum – movie review