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Tension Doooor – movie review

A comedy film


Tension Doooor - movie review

“Tension Door” is the story about a naïve Villager named Gopal. It happens so that he has to travel to the city. On his way to the city, he meets with an accident and then loses the sense of hearing and becomes deaf. Whether this is temporary deafness or permanent disability, he is not aware. Despite medications and consulting expert doctors, this problem is not solved, even by any kind of treatment. Tension Doooor movie review…

After a while, suddenly, Gopal (Swaraaj Singh) realizes that he has regained the sense of hearing and this time comes along with that the capacity to read people’s mind. Gopal can grasp what is going in the minds of people around him, the people he deals with and about what all they think.

Now that he has gained this extra ability, he exposes misdeeds of some bad elements around his surroundings. It is a good deed he is doing for the society as a whole, however, he earns enmity of those he exposes.

The wicked ones who are exposed by him, gang up together and turn the tide against him. They are successful in driving out Gopal out of the village. Therefore he has no option, but to move to the city again.

He leaves behind his parents and his beloved Bijli (Swati Anand) and comes to the city in search of opportunities.

Back to the city, Gopal comes across a pick – pocket who gives some advice to him to utilize this power in the positive sense. Like Gopal can solve the problems of others by reading their minds and help them get rid from their tensions.

Gopal’s remedy is setting-up a shop to drive away tension and the enterprise Tension becomes a hit and gets him lots of money. This time he is targeted by some criminals who are planning to steal some crucial defense secrets.

While solving a client’s case, he comes across another girl Ruby (Sambhavna Sheth) who traps him in order to free her boy friend Rahul, who is in the hands of the villains.

Performances in Tension Doooor are very mediocre especially from the established Ali Asghar, Sudhir Dalvi, Raza Murad and Dinesh Hingoo. The female artists do not have any scope.

Lyrics by Nawab Arzoo are just average, so is the musicm composed by Ali Ghani. Background Music is scored by Mahesh Naik. Screenplay by Ambrish Singal is below average and so nothing can be expected from the dialogues writer.

Unfortunately the seasoned director, Ambarish Singhal has come up with a film which has flaws in its screenplay and has a poor narration.

Cast of Tension Doooor:
Swaraaj Singh – Gopal
Swati Anand – Bijli
Sambhavna Sheth – Ruby Batra
Raza Murad
Ali Asgar
Dinesh Hingoo
Sudhir Dalvi

CREW & CREDITS of Tension Doooor:
Banner: Earst Communication Limited
Producer: Jai Prakash, Raj Varma, Shanti Varma
Director: Ambrish Sangal
Music Director: Ali Ghani
Writer: Nawab Arzoo
Lyrics: Nawab Arzoo
Background Music: Mahesh Naik
Choreography: Vikas Sharma
Editor: Pappu Palwinder
Screenplay: Ambrish Singal
Dialogue: Vijay Verma
Tension Doooor – movie review