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Lets Dance – movie review

Story of having a vision to reach your goal


Lets Dance, movie review

Lets Dance is a spirited film about a passionate young dancer striving to make it big. Editor-turned-director Aarif Sheikh’s film is about a girl who gives direction in life to a group of wayward street kids. Young and peppy, Gayatri who is a dance instructor plays the catalyst in the story. Lets Dance movie review…

Suhani (Gayatri Patel), is a young dancer who lives in a flat in Mumbai with her best friend who is also a TV anchor (Sugandha Garg). She conducts a dance school which brings in some pocket money, after paying off the rent to the owner Sharmaji (Anjan Srivastav)..

Suhani wants to make it big in the world of Bollywood in a clean way, no casting couches, just on her merits. She can see nothing beyond starring in a music video.

One evening, she discovers some slum kids merrily dancing. These urchins live on the street and peddle drugs to make a living. The leader of this group is a fourteen year old street kid Aftab (Abhaas Yadav) who is a gifted dancer, but can never see beyond making a life on the mean streets of Mumbai with a gang of kids, including his brother Ali (Nikuunj Padaya) and closest friend Kallu (Paras Arora).

Suhani is moved by the talent these street kids possess and feels that these kids deserve more than what they are now. so impressed by them that she invites them over to her dance school to train with her and she has no idea that her dreams are about to change.

Now enters Neil (Ajay Choudhary), a restaurant owner who believes in her and also falls hear-over heels in love with Suhani. He wants to help her realize her dreams of become a dancing star. Also comes a popular video director Rehaan Jones aka RJ, who is more determined to make Suhani the next superstar.

Unexpected incidents occur and she is on the verge of losing her dance school. Apart from the fact, she would lose her dance school, it would also mean that the street kids will have to go back to peddling drugs to keep themselves occupied!

The rest of the movie Lets Dance is a clichéd repetition of how she saves her dance school and helps the slum kids.

The street kid Aftab has no faith in her dreams for them. Will she be able to restore his faith in her? Will she get them the life they deserve, but cannot even dream of?

There are several instances in Lets Dance which bear uncanny resemblance to ‘Rangeela’ and ‘Aaja Nachle’ and even the Slumdog Millionaire.

Gayatri P:atel carries off the film superbly in her debut with her simplicity, honesty and grit in which she pursues her dream of featuring in a music album. Gayatri Patel’s dances are a treat and she does dance exceptionally well. The newcomer has put in a sincere effort for her brave and spirited performance. She is a fresh face and a good dancer. The romance between her and Ajay lends a romantic angle to this musical film.

Lets Dance has several impressive moments like the subtle romance between Suhani and Neil; Suhani’s bonding with the kids and her holding of principles against RJ and other peers who usually eye on newcomers in Bollywood. Lets Dance is an average fare. You can watch if you’re a dancing buff.

Cast of Lets Dance:
Suhani – Gayatri Patel
Neil Choudhary – Ajai Chowdhary
Rehaan Jones (RJ) – Aquib Afzal
Aftab – Master Abhaas Yadav
Anushka – Sugandha Garg
Kallu – Paras Arora
Ali – Nikunj Pandey
Anthony – Asif Basra
Sharmaji – Anjan Srivastava
Aarif Shaikh
Vipin Mishra
Prateek Bhardwaj
Ashish Khazanchi
Vipin Dhyani
Virag Mishra

Credits of Lets Dance:
Director – Aarif Sheikh
Producer – Arvind Patel, Divya Patel , Taufeeq Baraskar
Music- Vipin Mishra and Tarali
Writers – Mauzzam Baig , Sibtain Shahidi
Lets Dance, movie review