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Hum Phir Milenge – movie review

A love story


Hum Phir Milenge, movie review

Sarvar is a fun loving guy who lives in a hill station and like most of the youngsters; he spends his time with his friends. One day he literally bumps into the beautiful Kkhushi, as it was not a pleasant encounter when both bang each other’s cars. Hum Phir Milenge movie review…

Gradually their friendship blooms and soon, Sarvar develops love for the soft spoken Kkhushi, who too, develops her love feelings for him. But Kkhushi is timely cautioned by her best pal who reminds her of her background and the orthodox family and her just round the corner arranged marriage back in Delhi.

When Sarwar expresses his feelings to her, he finds something a miss in her behavior. When he succeeds in expressing his love to her, Kkhshi tells him as to what is stopping her for loving him. But when she leaves back for Delhi, she leaves him a glimmer of hope to take a chance with destiny to see if they are really meant for each other.

Kkhushi scribbles her address on a Rs. 100 note and drops it into a donation box, announcing that if Sarvar finds the currency note he can take a chance and reach the address given by her and maybe, then they both can take their relationship ahead..

Sarvar manages to find the note, misplaces it while on his way to Delhi and ultimately succeeds in finding it again. Finally when he reaches at her home what happens there is what forms the rest of the story.

Hum Phir Mileinge is a simple tale narrated with utmost sincerity. Debutante director Manish Goel has come up with a good film, which takes it time to establish the things, and yet it gets straight to the point without a moment of dullness.

The director of Hum Phir Milenge has effectively captured pure hearted romance on screen. The touching moments are subtly handled without going melodramatic. Lyricist Irshad Kamil has come up with beautiful songs to match Sandesh Shandilya’s music, in particular the Riya Sen’s item song Sajan Mera rendered by Sunidhi Chauhan.

Kkhushi who is yesteryear’s actress Tabassum’s grand daughter is extremely delightful in her debut film. She carries her part well the right amount of innocence and expressive face. Sarvar Ahuja, the winner of Zee Cinestars Ki Khoj is great to watch. Its nice to see the veterans Vikram Gokhale as Kkhushi’s father and Kiran Kumar who are back after a long time. Riya Sen is enchanting in her item song while Kunal Kumar as Sarvar’s friend is amusing..

Hum Phir Milenge is a film that one can call truly romantic. It’s a pure family entertainer. One just hopes this underdog film gets its right due. Just don’t miss it if you are a true romantic at heart.

Cast of Hum Phir Milenge:
Sarvar Ahuja
Riya Sen – Guest Appearance
Vikram Gokhale
Smita Jaykar
Kiran Kumar
Rati Agnihotri

Credits & Crew of Hum Phir Milenge:
Director – Manish Goel
Producer – Rajesh Gupta
Writer – Manish Goel
Lyrics – Irshad Kamil
Music Director: Sandesh Shandilya , Sameer
Singer – Sunidhi Chauhan
Hum Phir Milenge, movie review