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Hum Tum Shabana – movie review

Love, romance and all dhamaal


Hum Tum Shabana - movie review

Two guys, one girl….seems like a simple enough love triangle right? Wrong! The film Hum Tum Shabana has romance, crazy bhais, rapchik items and dhamaal fun.

There is nothing simple about this madcap story, especially when their rivalry to woo her lands them into a crazy contest of epic proportions. Soon enough, this battle to woo the girl, turns into a desperate battle to lose the girl!

With a comic guru like Sagar Ballary at the helm, a super-talented comedic cast and a crackling music score, this is one drama which falls short of expectations. The film has a plot that is absurd at various points, but it does have a twist in the tale towards the post-interval portions.

Rishi (Tusshar Kapoor) and Kartik (Shreyas Talpade) compete with each other to woo the same girl – Shabana (Minissha Lamba). Beginning with a little twist here – the woman they run after has an underworld connection – her uncle (Satish Kaushik) is a don.

Karthik and Rishi are two young upcoming executives in an event management firm. Their lives revolve around obtaining a higher salary, a larger office and for this they attempt to outdo each other to reach the top.

Rishi and Kartik are kidnapped and are told to undergo a rigorous training in immoral activities if they have to win the hand of the girl they love.

The first half of Hum Tum Shabana has a lot of gags and witty one-liners and the story is fast paced. A different comedy is attempted here while the characters are well defined, the script has unexpected turn of events.

There are two notable songs composed by Sachin-Jigar which are the title track Hum Tum Shabana and the other one is Music Bandh Na Karo which is a rage with the youth.

Rishi and Kartik do succeed in entertaining us in Hum Tum Shabana, while Shreyas Talpade comes up with a shade better performance. Tusshar and Shreyas are in such a situation which reminds us of Amitabh and Shashi Kapoor in Do aur Do Paanch or the Anil-Govinda duo of Deewana Mastana.

Minissha Lamba is just okay, but she isn’t having much of a role in this comedy drama. Satish Kaushik as Panju Don and his right-hand man Sanjay Mishra who plays Munna Military are hilarious. The glamorous Pia Trivedi makes her debut with this film.

Hum Tum Shabana could have been the maddest comedy of the year, unfortunately it disappoints!

CAST of Hum Tum Shabana:
Tusshar Kapoor – Rishi Malhotra
Shreyas Talpade – Kartik Iyer
Minissha Lamba – Shabana Raza
Pia Trivedi – Rhea Dixit
Satish Kaushik – Chacha
Sanjay Mishra – Munna Military
Pooja Batra – Cameo
Aditi Govitrikar
Rahul Singh – Ravi Agrawal

Credits & Crew of Hum Tum Shabana:
Studio Horseshoe Pictures Pvt. Ltd. & Alliance Entertainment
Directed By Sagar Ballary
Produced By Sunil Chainani, Sameer Chand & Subhash Dawar
Executive Producer: Suresh Vaaswani, Madhu Dawar
Story Writer – Farhajaan Sheikh
Screenplay – Sagar Ballary, Farhajaan Sheikh
Dialogue – Sharat Katariya
Lyricist – Sameer, Mayur Puri
Music Director – Sachin – Jigar
Cinematography – Anirudh Garbyal
Choreography – Rajeev Surti, Aadil Shaikh
Art – Sukanta Panigrahy
Editor – Suresh Pai
Costumes – Mandira Wirk, Nital Shah, Rafi Kazi
Hum Tum Shabana – movie review