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Fast Forward – movie review

A Bollywood Musical and Dance film with some fantastic dances


Fast Forward, movie review

Fast Forward is yet another attempt in Bollywood to make an out-and-out dance film like Dirty Dancing or Grease, which have been all time super hits and have enthralled millions of moviegoers the worldover. Fast Forward movie review…

It is a story of a friends, whose passion is Dance and about how they struggle to keep their passion alive, in spite of the varying circumstances. For them, its celebration of freedom; freedom to breathe, freedom of space and freedom of expression.

Directed by debutante Zaigham Ali Syed, Fast Forward the film has some brilliantly choreographed songs and dances. The director has put in great efforts in filming the dance numbers while losing grip on the storyline.

We have a story of two friends, Rishi (Rehan Khan) and Sunny (Akshay Kapoor), who are fantastic dancers. Sunny falls in love with Rishi’s sister Jeel (Bhavna Pani), only to discover she was suppressing her burning desire to dance. Sunny shows Jeel a whole new world through dance, but unknowingly they revive Rishi’s painful and dark past.

Rehan is haunted by visions of his mother performing dances at sleazy joints and not surprisingly he dislikes the idea of his kid-sister wearing her dancing shoes and starts gyrating. Surprisingly Rehan strongly aspires to be an accomplished dancer some day.

Akshay’s character is shown to have a roving eye, but he honestly falls for his pal’s sister Bhavna.

So when Akshay professes love to Rehan’s kid-sister Bhavna, Rehan again disapproves this. He severs all ties with Akshay, opts out of the dance group and also detests his sight.

The finale of Fast Forward sets up in a dancing competition called Fast Forward (hence the title) amongst many top dancing groups including Sunny and Rishi’s.

An interesting climax fight between Vinod Khanna and Mahesh Manjrekar and when Vinod Khanna bashes up a dozen-odd villains reminisces his roles in Amar Akbar Anthony and Heri Pheri.

Vinod Khanna and Mahesh Manjrekar have nothing worthwhile to do in this flick, while the youngsters pitch in decent performances. Rehan, Akshay and Bhavna make a sincere attempt. Siddhanth Karnick and Sabina Sheema are perfect.

Fast Forward features a heady mix of dance sequences – hip hop, Salsa, Rumba, Samba, well choreographed and something new. But the weakness lies in a poor script. It was an honest attempt to make such an out-and-out dance film with fresh faces.

Cast of Fast Forward:
Akshay Kapoor – Sunny
Rehan Khan – Rishi
Bhavna Pani – Jeel
Mahesh Manjrekar
Vinod Khanna
Sabina Sheema
Jai Kumar Nair
Siddhant Karnick

Credits & Crew of Fast Forward:
Produced by Anjum Rizvi
Directed by Zaigham Ali Syed
Lyrics – Shabbir Ahmed, Javed Akhtar, Irshad Kamil
Screenplay, Dialogues – Rahil Qazi, Pawan Sony
Rxecutive Producer – Naren Kumar
Choreographers – Sonia Jaffer, Vishnu Deva, Seema Desai
Original Music by Akbar Sami
Cinematography by Abdul Wahab
Film Editing by Sandeep Francis
Sound Editor – Renganaath Ravee
Sound Design – Vivek Sachidanand
Fast Forward, movie review