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Shadow – movie review

A murder mystery


Shadow, movie review

Shadow is which means darkness in Hindi, is also referred to as Parchhain or Chhaya. Shadow follows an image or a person or a thing. It is a crime and thriller movie. Shadow movie review…

Shadow is all about a murder mystery and gang wars. Sanjana Rajpoot (Sonali Kulkarni) plays the role of police officer. She is bewildered that a six months old serial murder case is still unsolved. The murderer is still on the loose and has claimed more victims still continued in the pattern of Shadow and case is being more complicated.

A person by the name Arjun Sherawat (Nasir Khan) is unseen and is the suspected criminal. No one has his identity. Police officer Sanjana has been trying too hard for the past 6 month but all her efforts have been in vain.

The suspected murderer often claims, “Namumkin ko mumkin banane ke liye hi log Arjun Sherawat ko Muh mangi kimat dete hai…”
Arjun Sherawat is a dangerous man who commits the crime himself. And he is actually a blind man.

Sheetal (Hrishitaa Bhatt) is a press reporter and as a passionate and dedicated about her work. A vibrant girl ad full of life, she works for a news channel. She is very smart and knows every detail about case inside out.

Rahul (Milind Soman) too is a very bright reporter from another news channel who also follows the case very closely. He queries Arjun Sherewat off and on, but gets no lead. Rahul follows Arjun everywhere but nothing can be proved against him because Arjun is obviously blind in crime. He constantly keeps nagging Sanjana about the case from time to time.

Sheetal is in love with Rahul, but for Rahul, the foremost thing in his mind is the solving of the serial murders which keep occurring in short interval.
On a tip off from Sheetal, a man suspected to be the murderer, is shot dead. Even as they celebrate the news, they hear Arjun Sherawat’s latest audio clip on television which says that he will kidnap a famous builder Habeeb Faizal in the presence of police bandobast on a particular date. Everyone is stunned on hearing this challenging claim, and finally, Arjun Sherawat succeeds in kidnapping Habeeb Faizal.

At one point in the film Shadow, it is presumed that Rahul himself is actually Arjun Sherawat the killer, and Sheetal is deeply involved with him.

The question to be answered is who is involved with Arjun Sherawat and helping him commit the murders? And why Arjun Sheravat is killing those people? And the popular question about who actually is Rahul and what’s his main purpose behind the case?

Shadow has a lot of twists and turns along with conflicts of trust till the case is actually solved.

Cast of Shadow:
Naseer Khan – Arjun Sherawat (Sharp shooter) / Raju (Car mechanic)
Milind Soman – Rahul Kapoor (Reporter)
Sonali Kulkarni – Sanjana Rajpoot (Cop)
Hrishita Bhatt – Sheetal Pradhan (Reporter)
Sachin Khedekar – Shiv Shankar (Home minister)
Sameer Aftab – Abhishek (P.A. of Home Minister)
Sonia Mehra – Priya (Home Minister’s daughter)
Ehsaan Khan – Naushad Lari
Mushtaq Khan – Habeeb Faisal (Builder)
Vishwajeet Pradhan – M.C. Rajpoot (Police Commissioner)
Aditya Lakhia – Tillu

Credits & Crew of Shadow:
Banner – Great Entertainment
Producers – Naseer Khan, Shamshad Alam
Director – Rohit Nayyar
Editor – Kuldeep Mehan
Music Director – Anand Raj Anand
Lyrics – Anand Raj Ananad, Anjaan Saagri, Satya Prakash
Cinematography – Jalees Oberoi, Raju Badiger
Choreography – Baba Yadav, Ganesh Acharya
Action / Stunts – Mehmood Akbar Bakshi, Baan Rig
Art – Sunil Jaiswal, Mantu Mahapatra
Singers – Anand Raj Anand, Anushka Manchanda, Sunidhi Chauhan, Sukhwinder Singh, Akruti Kakkar, Roop Kumar Rathod
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Shadow, movie review