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Whats your Rashee? movie review

Do sun and moon play an important role in romance?


Whats your Rashee? movie review

Based on the Gujarati novel Kimball Ravenswood by Madhu Rye, Whats your Rashee ? is Ashutosh Gowariker’s first romantic comedy, starring Harman Baweja and Priyanka Chopra. Priyanka Chopra plays twelve different characters depicting the twelve zodiac signs. Each character has a trait related to each respective zodiac sign. Whats your Rashee …

Never before have the sun and the moon played such an important role in romance. Whats your Rashee? movie review…

What’s your Rashee? is the story of Yogesh Patel, a young man who in his heart has always wanted a love marriage. Till suddenly he is told that he must find the dream girl within ten days to save his family from utter ruin.

Finding the dream girl is tough enough. Finding her in a hurry is even tougher.
Yogesh Patel (Harman Buweja), an NRI living in Chicago has been summoned back to India for his multi-million dollar inheritance from his grandfather. The condition is that he should get married within a specific period, and the family now needs that kind of money to pay off Yogesh’s older brother’s debts.

His solution is simple, he will meet one girl from each rashee – sun sign, as he feels that is the best way to make sure he finds a suitable wife, while also giving himself twelve chances to fall in love. Two meetings per day gives him six days to meet them, three days to make a final decision and he can get married on the tenth day or so he thinks.

The main draw of this film Whats your Rashee is Priyanka Chopra who plays all 12 characters:

Anjali is an Aries. She is a gawky small town girl, well educated, honest, but doesn’t speak much English.

Vishakha is a Taurean. This beautiful daughter of very rich parents, appears playful and immature. Has fun in life, yet Yogesh finds her immature and thinks it would be difficult for both of them to adjust with each other.

Kajal is a Gemini. She is a fashionable high-class, outgoing and a romantic college girl. She wants the marriage to take place after one year. Yogesh is in a fix.

Hansa is a Cancerian. Hansa’s character is a traditional, honest, dedicated and educated girl who’s own love affair was a failure and is not a virgin.

Leo – Mallika is a beautiful girl and a social worker, with a great sense for fashion and a magnificent theater dancer. Yogesh had a slight preference for her but Mallika ends up rejecting him she has wrong apprehensions about a NRI groom.

Pooja is a Virgo, beautiful, caring and a dedicated doctor by profession, she loves working in India’s villages but does not intend to settle abroad.

Rajni, a Libran, is a successful business tycoon. She is educated, honest and successful. This Libran sees marriage as a contract and her pre-nuptial agreement shocks Yogesh.

Nandini is a Scorpion. An ambitious wannabe model, she is a stunning person with a kind heart.

A Sagittarian, Bhavna is a religious and superstitious girl. Well educated and religious. Hence she relies on stars and horoscopes. She did not prefer Yogesh due to the stars.

Jhankhana is a Capricorn 15 year old village girl. A Quiet and honest girl, but she is just 15 years old, uneducated. It is her father who is desperate to marry her off to ease his burden and he doesn’t want her to study more as he has no money to sustain livelihood.

Sanjana is an Aquarian. An attractive and successful microbiologist, she is an NRI and she is beautiful. Both had a lot in common, but she initially asks Yogesh to reject her, as she herself has a secret boyfriend.

Pisces – Chandrika is a naive traditional Gujarati girl. Beautiful, sweet and honest, but a little too out of the world for Yogesh.

What’s Your Raashee is not as impressive as Ashutosh Gowariker’s milestones like ‘Lagaan’, ‘Swades’ & ‘Jodhaa Akbar’. The film is very lengthy with many unwanted songs.

The show stealer in the film Whats your Rashee is Priyanka Chopra. Harman Baweja is just fine.

Cast of Whats your Rashee?:
Harman Baweja – Yogesh Patel
Priyanka Chopra – Anjali, Vishakha, Kajal, Hansa, Mallika, Pooja, Rajni, Nandini, Bhavna, Jhankhana, Sanjana, Chandrika
Darshan Jariwala – Debu
Manju Singh
Aanjjan Shrivastave
Visswa Badola
Rajesh Vivek
Dilip Joshi
Dayashankar Pandey
Yuri Bhairavi Vaidya
Geeta Tyagi
Ajita Kulkarni
Suzy Brack
Tommy Bartlett
Gene Fojtik
Laura Atwood
Honey Chhaya
Manoj Shah
Pratik Dixit

Credits & Crew of Whats your Rashee?:
Presenters – UTV Motion Pictures, Ashutosh Gowarikar Productions
Director – Ashotosh Gowarikar
Producers – Ronnie Scrfewvala, Sunita A. Gowarikaer
Co- Producers – Zarina Mehta, Deven Khote, Siddharth Roy Kapur
Executive Producer – Lawrence D’Souza
Dialogues – Naushil Mehta, Amit Mistry, Tapan A. Bhatt
Screenplay – Naushil Mehta, Ashutosh Gowarikar
Based on – ‘Kimball Ravenswood’ The Gujarati Novel by Madhu Rye
Music – Sohail Sen
Lyrics – Javed Akhtar
Director of Photography – Piyush Shah
Art Director – Nitin Chandrakant Desai
Costume Design – Neeta Lulla
Editor – Ballu Saluja
Sound – Stephen Gomes
Re-Recording – Hitendra Ghosh (Futureworks)
Hair Technicals & Design – Asha Hariharan
Make-up – Madhav Kadam, Rajesh Patil (Priyanka Chopra) , Stephen Jadhav (Harman Baweja)
Choreographers – Chinni Prakash, Rekha Prakash, Raju Khan, Lollypop, Terence Lewis, Rajeev Surti
First Assistant Director – Sandeep Modi
Chief Assistant Director – Tejpal Singh Rawat
VFX – Red Chillies
Lab – Kodak
Media Relations – Imagesmiths
Whats your Rashee? movie review

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