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Mera Kya Kasoor – exposes the ugly truth of female foeticide

Mera Kya Kasoor movie still

Mumbai:  Mera Kya Kasoor

Hindi movies have always exposed the real social issues of the society with the motive to change the attitude of the audience.  Producer, Writer & Actor Trilok Nowlakha presents ‘Mera Kya Kasoor’, a socially relevant film on female foeticide. The trailer launch of the film was held in Mumbai in the presence of the entire team. The gathered media was seen applauding the trailer of the film as it captures the issue of a serious subject like female foeticide with Rajasthan as a backdrop.

Producer Trilok Nowlakha who plays a negative role in the film said, “I have a different role in the film who eventually regrets all his evil doings. The film sends out a very strong and effective message to the audience. The government is doing a lot of good things however we feel that enough is not done towards female foeticide. The central idea of the film is on the reason behind female children being killed in the womb.”He further adds, “The movie provides a solution to the grave issue of female foeticide though its narration.”

Director Niranjan Bhudhadara was quoted, “If female foeticide doesn’t come to an end, there will come a time when men will have no woman left for marriage. There are many cultures across the world where a son is preferred more than a daughter. That has to be changed.”

Writer & actor Rahat Qureshi who was also present at the event said, “Long ago, Aamir Khan had focused on the issue of female foeticide through his popular TV show and that made me think. I did a lot of research on this topic and wrote this film which will be appreciated by everyone.”

Prakher Varma is the music composer who was also at the launch event. Mera Kya Kasoor will release on 9th September 2016 across India.

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