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Melanie Nazareth makes her Bollywood Debut

Melanie Nazareth

Melanie Nazareth

The Queen of Negative Shades on TV makes her Filmy Debut

One upcoming film to watch out for is 1:13:7 – Ek Tera Saath which questions your mind are – Haunting Stories a myth or Truth?

Melanie Nazareth plays the character of Sonali, a lively bubbly, charming, emotional and mature girl who is madly in love with Addi (Aditya Pratap Singh) played by Sharad Malhotra.

This girl isn’t aware of his past. And that’s the mystery.

A Model, Television Serial artist and now in films, Melanie finds working in films as the most challenging part as in a film the character has to relate to the audience.

She has been on stage in the past with Ek Chadar Meili Si and realized that theater is the most challenging of all the above as there is no scope of goof-ups.

Melanie Nazareth speaks exclusively to FILMY TOWN:

What made you select this role for your debut in films?

While hearing the narration, I realized that this particular one had masti, emotions, thrills and horror and at one stage I was spellbound. Awestruck. Oh My God! And I immediately consented.

On being asked if she has made a mistake by debuting in a Horror flick which is generally treated as a B Class Genre.
She is quick to respond,”Why, even Madhubalaji made her mark in the horror film ‘Mahal’, while Sadhanaji too is remembered for her role in ‘Woh Kaun Thi’.
Horror films don’t come now and then. Here is one which is scripted and executed well and made well too.

What is it that you are known more as a negative artist in your Television Serials?
In 9 out of 10 serials, I have played negative shades and I love doing so as in real life I am very much bubbly and happy-go-lucky.

Are you comfortable doing intimate scenes?
I am an actor, and if the scene demands intimacy, I should diligently follow the director’s instructions. At the back of your mind, one is aware that you are an actor, hence those intimate scenes in the film happened so spontaneous and they look realistic.


Do you recall any horrific moment during the shooting of this film?
There is one scene where Ritu Dadlani is shown as haunting the palace and at one instance she had to get agressive, and that particular scene I had hair raising experience doing it.


Melanie Nazareth with Rajoo Kariya

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