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Kunal Kapoor- the Indian Ashton Kutcher?

Kunal Kapoor - Ashton

Is Kunal Kapoor-  the Indian Ashton Kutcher?

The dashing Kunal Kapoor has been in the limelight for his dapper looks and amazing acting prowess. He received a lot of appreciation for his performance in his latest film ‘Kaun Kitne Paani Mein’.


In fact, New York Times referred to him as the ‘Indian Mathew McCougnahey’ But we think if he has to be compared with a Hollywood counterpart – he would be more on the lines of Ashton Kutcher.


Like his Hollywood counterpart, besides being known as a phenomenal actor, he is also known as an entrepreneur and a startup investor. Kunal is the co-founder of Asia’s largest crowdfunding platform ‘Ketto’, besides having invested in a number of start-ups which he is closely associated with. He is spotted speaking at tech conferences, as much as he is at film functions.


Well, from what we hear from our sources, it’s said that he has become the ‘go to guy’ amongst his film friends that are looking to invest in startups.


Kunal has recently also been invited by the – Startup 2015 Mumbai Event which will bring together early-stage startups and investors to showcase their ideas and let the world know about them. Amongst some reputed tech personalities like Sidharth Gupta, Sonal Minhas, Varun Dua, Manish Shah, Namrata Bostrom and many such more, Kunal Kapoor would be the only actor who would be giving a speech and sharing his story, on starting up his own crowd funding platform ‘Ketto’.


Ketto has been gaining a lot of attention, as it has managed to raise funds for many Ngo’s and individuals. He has made sure that his platform does justice to the donors and hence has lead to many well-known icons of the nation using his platform to raise funds.


He has previously raised over one crore for the rehabilitation work in Nepal after the earthquake, over 30 lacs for emergency relief work during the Kashmir floods and another 1.25 crores to deal with the flood situation in Chennai.


That’s not it! He adds another feather to his hat as he is a part of the prestigious and worldwide recognized Aspen leadership programme.


He is amongst the 20 people from the country who have been chosen by the leadership program to build international leaders in several countries. Kunal is the only actor who is a part of this program

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