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I’m in luv with acting, movies: Arjuman Mughal

Arjuman Mughal loves acting


Arjuman Mughal is an Indian actress who is self motivated and confident person. Hailing from a small town in Jammu & Kashmir, Arjuman dared to enter the big bad world of Bollywood without any B- town connect. The beautiful & down to earth actress says “People get very easily comfortable with me and open up due to my unique nature and fall in love with the beauty God has given me. Although, like every girl I like to be appreciated but it’s difficult for me to satisfy their ego”
Holding a penchant for the craft of acting, Arjuman takes every bit of acting seriously and doesn’t wish to get involved with any love affair, until she doesn’t achiever her goal, she says “I’m completely engrossed into my work and I wish to work hard on each and every project which comes my way (films & commercials).

Arjuman Mughal loves acting.Sir Hasnain Hydrabadwala gave Arjuman her big break in Bollywood with the film “Ya Rab” which the stunning actress considers the most happiest part of her life, because it didn’t just bring her fame but also bought her the respect which every actor craves for.

In an industry where actors are always aiming for six pack abs and size zero body, actress Arjuman Mughal has a different take on it “I’m concentrating on homemade diets and regular gyming. As a part of my fitness routing, I also practice classical dance to make my mind soul and body work synchronized”.

“My dream is to become an actress, who will be remembered forever for her work. I want to do different genres of films. I don’t want to fit into stereotype only. I’m looking for the kind of subject which is based on comedy romance and tragedies. But if something different and interesting comes to me, I will surely go ahead” she adds.

Not many are aware, behind the stylish & upfront actress there is a caring daughter and family girl for whom, her family means her world “I always worry about my family, sometimes I protect them, care for them and fight for them to make them feel there is only happiness that exists in their life. Not only my family but also everybody. I don’t expect anything from anyone. It’s my nature to make people feel happy. Whatever happens I try to make everyone feel happy. There is no good or bad in this world, it is all about karma. Everyone is operated by the almighty and everyone is behaving according to his powers”.

“I wanted to become an Army officer; I did not choose to be an actress. Acting chose me. I’m the person who was pushed out of the drama when I was acting in my school at the age of 8 on 26 January function. I cried the whole day and I couldn’t sleep in the morning. Therefore, my mother asked me the reason behind my swollen eyes but unfortunately I couldn’t tell her the reason behind my tears” says Arjuman.

Elaborating about her nature, she says “I stand for my performances and theater acts in every situation without fail. I always want to work on my merit not on recommendations. I live a very simple life and I have friends everywhere in India and everyone is from different field and different class (as some believe in). I choose my friends on purity originality intelligent and humanity. I don’t choose friends by their high positions”.

Although, Arjuman wanted to be an actress, she emphasis that she is satisfied and content with her work. She is proud to represent India only being an Indian Actor.

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