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Get up, Get up, Get up the song from Kaarvaan Pictures to create hope and happiness

Getup getup getup a motivational song

Shaunak Joshi’s song Get up, Get up, Get up is sure to cheer you up and drive away the Lockdown blues that has creeped into our lives.

The festive season got a little more merrier, with the launch of Kaarvaan Pictures original song titled ‘Get up, Get up, Get up’. This is their second original after the soulful ‘Kuch Ajeeb Si’. ‘Get up, Get up, Get up’ is a song which talks about enjoying life in every small way possible.

Song Link:

The 4 minute 22 seconds song talks about celebrating life in these difficult times and welcoming 2021 with a lot of love, hope and happiness in our hearts. Written and directed by Shaunak Joshi, the music is produced and composed by Karthik Ramaswamy. Additional lyrics are by Bernard Dafeny who is also the lead vocalist. Anjana, Anurag, Anusha, Drishtant, Jahnavi, Nadia, Niza add the background vocals along with Rozelle Alphonso on the keyboard.

Commenting on the same director Shaunak Joshi said, “The whole idea of this song is to create hope and happiness which seems to be fast diminishing from peoples lives. We are sure people will connect and love the song.”


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