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Evelyn Sharma’s SEAMS FOR DREAMS is giving back to society, one layer at a time

Evelyn Sharms's Seams for Dreams

Bollywood actress Evelyn Sharma plans to make fashion sustainable alongwith offerings to the under-resourced communities in 2021. Akshay Tyagi, Kriti Tula, Roma Narsinghani, Shubhika Davda, Patrick Duffy among others form the advisory body of her foundation Seams For Dreams.

Evelyn Sharma, actor and philanthropist has reached out to all citizens to pledge their support to clothe under-resourced communities across India by organising a donation drive for used garments. Seams For Dreams was founded upon the belief that every piece of fabric can and should be reused instead of being discarded into landfills. This could be through reusing, recycling, or upcycling. In order to take the conversation up a notch, SFD has constituted a strong advisory board, comprising influencers from various fields who will contribute their own expertise to create an impact and help move SFD forward towards its mission and goals.

“Throughout the pandemic, we have continued to arrange for the pick-up of donations from generous donors from around the city’s suburbs and then offering those items to the under-resourced communities that have been impacted by the pandemic,” says Evelyn Sharma in a letter to her advisory body, ushering in the new year.

The advisory board for 2021 features significant names such as Patrick Duffy, whose passion for social impact led to the creation of Global Fashion Exchange in 2013, an international initiative challenging the fashion industry to create a more sustainable world. It includes representatives from the fashion industry such as Akshay Tyagi-celebrity fashion stylist, Kriti Tula- upcycled fashion designer at Doodleage, Roma Narsinghani- founder of her namesake jewellery brand, Shubhika Davda-designer and creative director of the label Papa Don’t Preach, Suki Dusanj-Lenz- Country Head of Fashion Revolution India and Shivang Dhruva- founder and director at FAD International.

The sustainability diaspora is represented by Nandini Singh -director of the ACG Cares Foundation, Devina Singh -human rights and environmental activist and Atiya Rakyan – an innovator in the field of recycling plastic. The marketing minds on the board are Chandini Chandiramani -Marketing Specialist and Reeta Ramamurthy Gupta -bestselling author and marketer. Actor Pallavi Sharda and Abheejit Khandagale -innovator and entrepreneur complete the new advisory board for 2021.

“At Seams For Dreams, we truly believe that pre-loved clothing and responsible practices are the way into the future of fashion and hope that our events lead Mumbai to become a hub for thrift stores in India. Our new advisory board comprises people who have diverse skills and are passionate about sustainability ,” says founder Evelyn Sharma.

Seams For Dreams’s mission is to clothe 100,000 people in need across India every year. Claire Marrinan is the Director of Communications. She is a holistic health & wellness advocate and entrepreneur directing her efforts to increase awareness regarding responsible fashion and mindful lifestyle.

To schedule your donation pick-up in Mumbai, you may contact at or call SFD Team on +91-7021139358.

Seams For Dreams was founded in 2015 by Bollywood actress and philanthropist Evelyn Sharma and was initially started as part of the disaster relief efforts for the devastating earthquake in the northern parts of India. Seams For Dreams is an initiative for the people by the people and is an ever-growing community that believes in giving back to society, one layer at a time.

Seams For Dreams Charity Trust (SFD) is a Not-For-Profit Organization registered as Public Trust in India under section 18 of the Bombay Public Trust Act, 1950.



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