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Dr J S Randhawa’s upcoming rom-com ‘Muskurahatein’


Every person, irrespective of age and status, is romantic at heart – Muskurahatein

Considered as one of the top Radiologists in India, Dr J S Randhawa who also has been training juniors in his field realized one day that apart from professional interests between a Senior doctor and his junior, as is evident in other professions, there is a greater probability of emotional and physical bonding developing between them.

Having attained the top reputation in the field of Radiology leading to a reputed name and fame in the medical profession, one day it dawned on this doctor to make a film on the subject. And here is Dr J S Randhawa with his debut Bollywood rom-com – Muskurahatein, which is scheduled to release later this month.

Muskurahatein is a matured love story of a relationship between a married Professor and his (married) student which delves into various aspects of the emotional state of these two persons. Both are happily married with their respective spouces and this intense film gives a glimpse of their intimate lives.

Dr J S Randhawa has penned the story, directed the film and acted the pivotal character of this film which delves into the complicated subject of extra marital affair.

FilmyTown introspects the idea behind this subject with various questions to which Dr J S Randhawa patiently explains.

Having attained impeccable reputation as India’s leading Radiologist, what made you decide to foray into film production?
Have been doing plays in his school days and college years. I was actively attached to street plays which are quite popular in the Northern part of India. So I am not new to acting and dramatics.

We have plenty of rom-coms. You call Muskarahatein as a matured romantic comedy film. Please explain.
My wife and myself have noticed that as professionals, not only in medical field, even in other spheres, we tend to get carried away into this ‘fling’ having being together for hours in the same field and for days and days. This is one aspect which every matured person passes through. It is natural. Hence I thought of depicting this sensitive subject.

You mean to say that Doctors, Engineers and other professionals face this situation often?
This is not about a crush. Or a college romance. In today’s world such relationships do exist. Either one believes not to accept it or is turning a blind eye towards this situation. With such proximity and common learning and subjects of debates and analysis, we human beings subconsciously develop a bond. In some cases people forcibly decide to harbour it within themselves and not let it be seen, whereas in other cases an individual could be open and frank.

Does this lead to these professionals breaking up their matrimonial bond?
Certainly not. Muskurahatein specificaly focuses on a relationship between a married professor and his married young student. These two professionals who have passed their college days notwithstanding their marital starus, get attracted towards each other. Yet, they are happy with their respected spouces.
The film focuses on a whiff or to call it in your Bollywood lingo, “hava ka jhoka” which people experience and in most cases they are mature enough to come out of it.

Then should we label Muskurahatein as an intense matured love story?
(Laughs) The core is intense. But there are other characters some of them are funny, like the character of a village doctor (Sanjay Mishra) with his typical traditional thoughts and mannerisms who comes to the Institute for Ultrasound Training, a Tharki Professor played by Rakesh Bedi. And Sonal Mudgal the female lead who has done complete justice to her character.

Muskurahatein releases in theatres on 26 May 2017.

Dr J S Randhawa
Sonal Mudgal
Sanjay Mishra
Rakesh Bedi
Dr. Rakhi Agarwal, Shyam Mashalkar, Ankit Hans, Ranjan Singh, Sunny Balloria, Arti Khetrapal, Surbhi Kakkar, Anubhav Dixit
Written and Directed by Dr. J.S.Randhawa
Produced by Reverberation Films
Music by Rajat Nagpal
Cinematography – Selva, Manish Jain, Satyajeet, Sameer
Edited by Niranjan

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