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GHOST STORY – an upcoming abstract horror film

GHOST STORY pre-release 1

Expected to release around this Diwali is an upcoming Bollywood’s horror flick that is produced, directed and edited by Zubair Khan – ‘Do you believe in GHOST STORY?’.

Zubair’s resume boasts of having assisted several biggie film directors and the notable among them are Mukul Anand. His earlier film was Lakeer Ka Fakeer which was shot in real locations in the underbelly of South Mumbai.

“GHOST STORY is an abstract horror film and I have taken the risk of producing it. Or to put it in simple terms, it is a simple Horror film with a different treatment,” begins Zubair Khan.

On watching the treatment to this film, to start with, the story itself begins with revealing the suspense, which usually is shown towards the climax. “One thing I can assure you that it is a pacy film and the viewer would not even find any uninteresting moments of dullness, mentioned Zubair.

“It is about a psycho, and to a certain extent I accept that as an individual, I tend to become a psycho at times. I am influenced a lot my Korean films and that boldness and gory scenes in the film explains that,” admits the young director.

Well, with the suspense revealed at the start and then following up with the narration of how and when the incidents occured, what would the audience feel while leaving the cinema hall, “I want the viewer to feel that is is fooled by Zubair Khan. And yes, I am basically fooling the audience with dishing them with totally unexpected moments following the narrative,” declares this neo-noir inclined director.

The story is centered around 2 male protagonists – a guy who is frustrated in life and the other is an unsuccessful director who day-in and day-out films his wife during her sleep, waking up, eating, making love and even while he is kissing her. It is this self-obsessed filmmaker who then kills his wife.

Enters the third character that of a female film writer who is researching on the subject of paranormal activities. This infuses the horror in the story and it ends up so ‘electrifyingly’ horrifying that even after realising that she cannot stand it anymore, it is that curosity and the writing spirit in her which leads her to dig deeper into the subject making the horror element in the film to reach its dizzying heights.

So then what is there in the story to watch the film, “As a director I want to show what actually happened in the mansion with the deliberate intention to misguide the audience. Right from the start till the end, my endeavour is to confuse and further confuse the audience,” Zubair mentions with a wicked grin.

GHOST STORY features Aabid Shamim and Farrah Kader in pivotal roles who are supported by Shilpi Shukla, Anshul Mahant and Samidha Kiran. Not taking into account the pre and post production efforts and time consumed, the film was completed in a single non-interrupted schedule of 6 days as claimed by the production team.

Now we were curious to know what is so unique or different in the film Do you believe in GHOST STORY?
“GHOST STORY is an abstract genre film. A horror story treated with a completely new edit pattern – never seen in Bollywood flick atleast,” Zubair Khan summed it up.

In conclusion, we at FilmyTown realized one thing that either the director who is also the producer seems ‘hell bent’ (pun intended) on drowning his money down the drain… or this one is the director that not only Bollywood – even the Hollywood would wake up and notice the creativity in story telling.

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