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Deepika can’t do without her Indian Tea and Coffee

Deepika always loves Indian Tea and Coffee

It is a lesser known fact that Deepika Padukone is extremely fond of Indian beverages, tea and filter coffee.

She has been a fan of Filter coffee since her early days in Bangalore and tea is something that she has developed fondness towards since her stay in Mumbai.

Deepika requires her daily dose of these beverages and carries her supply with her while travelling too.

The actress who has been away from the city for months now ran out of her supply of the beverages.

It was one of the few things that Deepika made sure to carry back with her while returning to LA to continue shooting for xXx : The Return of Xander Cage.

In her brief stay in the city, Deepika restocked her supply of tea and filter coffee which she had ran out of while in LA.

Deepika made sure to carry these essentials with her back for her further stay in LA.

Currently in the news for starting trends with her Hollywood cast, it is just a matter of time that her Hollywood team would be treated with Indian beverages by Deepika.

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