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Tashan movie review
Right at the start, a blood red convertible Mercedes races merrily through Ladakh's dusty terrain. This is what Tashan is about - The car swivels so does the radio nervously shuffle between AC/DC's Highway to Hell and Mukesh's rendition of Kabhi Kabhie. Huge canvas, beautiful landscape and then the car loses it control, breaks thru and goes down a lake…. Very impressive till now and one would expect that it will be the most thrilling 2 and half hours in the recent times of mediocre bollywood films. But it was disappointing. Debutant director Vijay Krishna Acharya is brilliant in a few scenes, has been supported by absolutely unbelievable stunts by Akshay Kumar and some truly exotic locales, but through the remaining parts of Tashan, it appears that Yash Raj Banner is experimenting with the Indian audience. They have done a quality job in the promos of this movie, so as in the ini ....
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Strangers movie review
A truly slick Murder Mystrey that is this film Strangers. Two men, complete strangers to each other and absolutely opposite personalities, are travelling in a train's first class compartment in a train between Southampton and London. Sanjeev Rai (Kay Kay Menon), a successful businessman and Rahul (Jimmy Sheirgill), a struggling writer looking for a break in his career. Strangers opens with an extremely dramatic event that in actuality is only an incident, such as one of the protagonists of the film being arrested for a murder of another of the protagonists. Its opens with Rahul's arrest for -- in all probability at this point for murder of Priety (Nandana Sen). The film then kick-starts its proceedings with Sanjiy Rai and Rahul sharing a first class coupe and sharing stories. They try to know each other and there are visible efforts to entertain each other throughout the journey ....
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Om Shanti Om
Om Shanti Om is a Manmohan Desai type of a masala film of the 1970s. It has the premise of reincarnation as was in Subhash Ghai's "Karz". Okay, it is a joyous film which has its silly giggling and overacting in parts, especially the typical mother (Kirron Kher) of a struggler son, who lives, thinks that one day her son would definitely become a super star of Bollywood, since her husband could not fulfill his dream. A typical filmy mother. Its here and a few other scenes where the film appears unrealistic. Debutante Deepika Padukone is the hasina in this case. Shanti has a pretty face, charming smile and an old-world charm… She is the reigning superstar of 70s. Shah Rukh Khan is the deewana, he is in love with her. Om, who is a struggling actor - a junior artist and her biggest fan. He dies in a mishap while watching Shanti in danger on an opulent film set which is on fire. Thi ....
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Speed movie review
Speed - the latest hindi movie shot in the picturesque locations of London, starts with a young man (Zayed Khan) who receives an emergency phone call on his cell phone from an unknown woman (Urmila Matondkar). She mentions that she has been kidnapped; and the kidnappers have targeted her child next. She is kept in a farmhouse/ stable from where she puts together the remains of a smashed telephone and makes 'the phone call.' Seems the movie was inspired by Hollywood film, Cellular. However, the main plot of Speed involves an assassination of prime minister (aptly played by Suhasini Mulay) which is masterminded by Raj Zutshi and gets it executed through Aftab Shivdasani. The movie is a story of Zayed Khan who comes to London to convince his girlfriend Tanushree Dutta to give him another chance to prove his love for her. Meanwhile, Sanjay Suri, an undercover agent, receives a CD fr ....
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Johnny Gaddaar
Slick tale of crime, betrayal, love and cold blooded murder is what Johnny Gaddaar about. Seshadri (Dharmendra) who is the senior most of the five gang members gets an offer to make a fortune in four days. The gang members are up for it since this is the deal that will catapult them into the big league. But the youngest member Vikram (Neil Nitin Mukesh) has other plans to disappear to some unknown city and start his own life with his college love Mini (Rimi Sen) when a devilish thought crosses his mind and decides to grab the entire jackpot. Vikram's opening gambit is a neat double cross. But as he plunges further into his diabolical plan…he realizes that the stakes in this game are high. And the only losers he can afford to leave behind are dead ones! Seshadri is an ex-gangster/smuggler and now a gentleman who has lost his wife. He is the leader, being senior most of his gang ....
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Manorama Six Feet Under
Manorama Six Feet Under, the film is about an amateur detective in a small town who finds himself caught in a web of lies, deceit and murder. Manorama Six Feet Under movie review... Satyaveer Singh played by Abhay Deol, fondly called SV, is a qualified engineer nurturing the ambition of writing detective fiction. He does it, however sadly, his maiden attempt, a novel called "Manorama", flops and he is reduced to writing for a cheap pulp magazine. His novel sold just 200 copies. He is left wondering wonders what to do further, especially having his sarcastic wife (Gul Panag) around in his life. Others with him in the film are Raima Sen and Sarika. Sensing foul play, our small time detective starts investigating her death only to discover that nothing is what it seems to be and that redemption doesn't come easy…. Though the director is new, the plot is intriguing and interest ....
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Victoria no 203 movie review
Victoria No. 203 is a story about a diamond heist and how the lives of so many different people get intertwined in the search for lost diamonds. The movie takes off with a display of the diamonds worth Rs300 crores . Bobby Bombata (Jaaved Jaafery), a rich industrialist and Devyani (Preeti Jhangiani), his moll are smitten by the diamonds. Bobby is willing to do anything to acquire them. When the diamond owner denies his offer to buy the diamonds, his ego is hurt. He hires the services of a cat burglar, Tora (Tora Khasgir) to steal the diamonds. Tora performs a daredevil heist and escapes with the diamonds. She has an agenda of her own though and plans a double cross with her brother, Karan (Rajesh Khera). Just as she is about to escape, she bumps into the infamous Ranjit (Kamal Sadanah) who stabs her. She escapes though, and falls next to Victoria No. 203 in which she hides th ....
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GST Galti Sirf Tumhari review
With her maiden production, Sarika S Sanjot, the producer of this film strikes it right in Bollywood with her venture GST - Galti Sirf Tumhari. The film begins with an intriguing premise and goes on to keep the audience guessing about the twists and turns in the story. To make it clear once and all, the film has nothing to do with the Goods and Services Tax implemented by the present government in the centre. Though the similarity lies with the ultimate motive with the central fiscal policy aims to bring about financial discipline in the economy, Sarika's comedy-thriller-suspense drama also carries a message about bringing discipline in one's social life. GST-the film is the story about a group of students of a law college in Dehradun, Mussoorie in Uttar Pradesh who take it easy in their lives and indulge in desires unknown to the impending danger they could get into. Arjun, May ....
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Kaabil, movie review
Rohan Bhatnagar (Hritik Roshan) meets Supriya (Yami Gautam), they like each other and fall in love. They get married and life is full of roses, till one unfortunate day when a local goon and his friend misbehave with this made-for-each-other couple. This kickstarts the beginning of this happy couple's woes. Rohan and Supriya are specially abled (a blind couple) who understand each other through their sixth sense, like it is said that when an individuals are deprived with any of the 5 essential senses, the almighty always gifts them with a sixtn sense. Rohan is a voice-over artist, while Supriya is an independent working woman. The romance is shown blossoming in such a pattern that one tends to be a part of the story and begins to feel for them. One noteworthy instance in the film is right in the beginning where the couple while in their dating stage visit a mall and get separated. ....
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Kahaani 2, movie review
A suspense thriller featuring Vidya Balan, directed by Sujoy Ghosh. It is not a sequel of the 2012 film, just another installment of PEN's 'Kahaani' brand.

Kahaani 2 : Durga Rani Singh movie review

Vidya Sinha (Vidya Balan) is a single mom, working woman happily living with her daughter in Chandannagar a small town in West Bengal. Her teenaged daughter is wheelchair ridden hence the mother keeps a nurse while she is out in her office. This morning, the mother-daughter wake up late, so while rushing around with her morning chores, Vidya realizes that the nurse hasn't come for her duty. This caring mother ensures that her old neighbour keeps a periodic watch on her house till the time nurse arrives to keep her daughter some company. On returning home in the evening Vidya finds her daughter missing with no leads despite checking in with the neighbours. It is about 10 minute ....
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