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Yeh Faasley - movie review
Arunima (Tena Desae) is the daughter of one of the biggest builders in town, Devinder Dua (Anupam Kher). She is happy to be home after finishing her studies. Yeh Faasley movie review... Arunima returns home after a long stint in boarding school. Life is great for Arunima who is looking forward to a pleasant time with her father but also misses her mother and wishes that she were alive. She finds contentment in the fact that her mother and father loved each other and were happy for as long as they were together. Her father is generous and loving but slowly Arunima discovers that his version of how her mother died isn't the whole truth. Dev Dua is a gregarious man who loves his daughter a lot, but has a dual personality of being loud and boastful sometimes, and then a kind and understanding person at other times. However, one day to her surprise, Arunima finds a "will" written ....
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Utt Pataang, movie review
Vinay Pathak, an established name in the ‘small’ films circuit plays a double role in this thriller Utt Pataang directed by Srikanth V. Velagaleti. Utt Pataang starts quite promisingly and is a thrilling comedy flick about several incidents occurring during a night. Utt Pataang isn’t a brainless comedy as the name suggests. Yet it has eccentric characters, nursing broken hearts and desperately longing for love. The film is basically an account of happenings on one particular night. Ram (Vinay Pathak) is a 35-year-old ordinary guy from Mumbai who has been ditched by his rough and foul-mouthed lady love Sanjana (Mahie Gill).. Nandu (Saurabh Shukla) is Ram’s friend a rather clueless, inept detective. While having dinner at a restaurant, Ram and Nandu meet Koyal (Mona Singh), a small-town girl who has been betrayed by her boyfriend. The cunning Nandu hooks up Ram with Koyal ....
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Apartment, movie review
Apartment was earlier titled 'Roommates', is inspired by the Hollywood film ‘Single White Female’ starring Bridget Fonda and Jennifer Jason Leigh. Preeti Sengupta (Tanushree Dutta) is an airhostess who is scouting for a place to live in Mumbai. She manages to find an apartment (flat) and lives in living in with her boyfriend Karan Malhotra (Rohit Roy). Their flat is on the 8th floor of the multi storey building and they have a single, elderly neighbour Anupam Kher, who is a struggling poet and lyricist. Apartment movie review... The drawback of Preeti is that she is very possessive and has a doubting nature. Once, when she mistakenly suspects Karan to be unfaithful, she throws her boyfriend out of the house. Karan contributed towards half of the monthly payment for their apartment. Now that Preeti cannot afford the payment of the flat on her own, so on her friend’s advice ....
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Karma, movie review
Vikram (Carlucci Weyant) and his bride Anna (Alma Saraci) are residing in New York for the past thirty years. Vikram is estranged and separated from his father Ranvir (Vijayendra Ghatge). On Anna’s insistence, Vikram decides to visit his father in Ooty with his bride Anna and thus they land from New York to Ooty in South India. Karma movie review... The couple is comfortable in Ooty, but only for a day or two, since the moment Anna alights from the train that brings them to the small town, she unwittingly becomes the medium of events including visions of a murder that took place in the woods surrounding Vikram's father's home thirty years ago. With little love by Vik for his father, it is Anna, who is an orphan and wants to rebuild the frayed family relationships. The dad and daughter-in-law bond instantly hits off. The palatial mansion suddenly perks up with the new arrivals, ev ....
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Yeh Pal Ho Na Ho Kal, movie review
Yeh Pal Ho Na Ho... Kal is a tale of treachery and trickery and the subsequent consequences where once cherished relationships in life go sour. The life of a happily-married couple goes awry when the husband’s friend comes into the picture. Yeh Pal Ho Na Ho Kal movie review... We have a lovey-dovey married couple Rohan (Prakash Sagar) and Neha (Kradhika) leading a merry life. While Rohan, an architect goes to office and often works till late, his sweet wife dresses up, (or dresses down at times, as the mood takes her), and being an Indian wife, waits patiently, lovingly… for him to come home. The bollywood way of showing a happily married couple! Rohan’s college friend Vikram (Rishabh) has a chance meeting when Rohan is on business work. The college friends renew their ties. Vikram has a girl friend Lovey (Simran), yet he is a philanderer, has a roving eye. Vikram wants to ....
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99, not out, movie review
Presented by People Pictures and produced by Anupam Mittal and Aditya Shastri 99 not out the film is a refreshing change. It is an original story inspired by real events. It is as much “what could have been” as it is “what really happened.” In other words, it is historical fiction - being the keyword. It spans a few genres, it is slick, fast-paced, realistic and, importantly, very funny. 99 not out - movie review... In this "smart comedy" set in 1999, all the characters are bound by a common feeling of being stuck at 99 in life - just one short of a ‘century’ - that elusive thing called "making it" in life! 99 the film has betting, gambling and match fixing as a part of this film. Sachin (Kunal Khemu) and Zaramud (Cyrus Broacha) are the two happy-go-lucky friends who make easy cash by duplicating mobile phone SIM cards. One day, while being chased by the cops they ....
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Lottery, movie review
Lottery is a suspense thriller which has the televisions Indian Idol Abhijeet Sawant as Rohit Avasti, a 25 year old junior accountant working in a fashion magazine publishing house. Though it is said that life is beautiful, but it’s untrue for Rohit, who is feels that his life is dull and also being unhappy with his work. The only exciting part is that as he is in an ad agency, he gets to meet up with his dream girl, an attractive model Simran Kapoor (Manisha Kelkar), who is his obsession, his love, goal in life. Rohit's friend Kabir at several times unsuccessfully warns him that Simran only seems to be manipulating him for her personal gains. Soha (Rucha Gujarathi) who is also Rohit’s neighbour is introduced to him. She is aware of Rohit's one-sided unconditional love for Simran. Coming from a disturbed family background, she craves for a strong relationship with a caring man ....
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Wafaa, movie review
Amit Chopra (Rajesh Khanna) a rich old man gets married to a young air hostess Beena (Saara Khan). The marriage is unsuccessful as it turns out she was only after his money and gets involved in extra-marital affairs. Wafaa is a low budget movie with a steamy story line to keep the viewers interested. Wafaa movie review... The Pakistani actress Saara Khan plays Beena, a 25 year old airhostess. She is beautiful, sensual and sexy. Her dreams are big. She always wanted wealth, fame and status. She is a dreamer, an achiever who can go to any extent. Even extent to marry a man twice her age – Amit Chopra. The Pakistani actress in the movie is either gaudily dressed in certain scenes while, less and too provocatively dressed in rest of the scenes. Super Star Rajesh Khanna gets cozy with young Saara: He is seen doing lovemaking scenes with a young actress who is a sex-starved airhostess ....
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A Wednesday, movie review
Debutant director Neeraj Pandey’s A Wednesday is about the aam junta who is trapped in mundane realities of eking out a survival in Mumbai (and now anywhere in India).

A Wednesday - movie review

The common man has almost got used to the idea that fundamentalism and terrorism is a way of life. But now he has finally been pushed over the edge. He is hurt and no longer willing to be the quiet victim. He has had enough! Mumbai, the financial capital of India, the city that never sleeps, the city of dreams, fast paced and ever changing, home to Bollywood! A city of beauty but also a city that got scarred! A city whose foundation is slowly crumbling beneath its facade of invincibility. A Wednestay tells the story of certain events that unfold between 2 and 6 pm on a particular Wednesday in this city. Events which do not exist in any record but which deeply affect the lives o ....
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Jannat, movie review
Jannat is the story of a reckless youngster trapped in sticky situation of crime and dreaming big as he struggles to find heaven on earth. Arjun (Emran Hashmi) is a carefree young man, unhappy with his middle class environment and cherishes dreams to make big money in short time. Supplying fake merchandise to boutique stores is his profession. Having luck at card games, and being a compulsive gambler, he then goes on to bigger form of gambling leading him to a syndicate of international betting on cricket matches. Also, this fearless gambler woos and romances his lady love in style. At a shopping centre Arjun falls in love at first sight with Zoya (Sonal Chauhan) who is a call centre executive. While admiring a diamond ring, Zoya's loses interest in the ring on seeing its price tag. She moves on. Arjun all the while watching her, smashes the glass to fetch the ring, in the proce ....
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