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Chamku, movie review
Chamku the film is about the journey of a boy Chandrama Singh alias Chamku (Bobby Deol). The boy's family had been brutally murdered and was brought up and trained by Baba (Danny Denzongpa) a Naxalite in Southern interiors of Bihar. He was later picked up under a covert Government Program jointly conceived by RAW & IB. Chamku was trained to kill. Best in the business, operations, encounters and political assassinations, he soon became the blue-eyed boy. He was given the toughest jobs which he tackled with ease. Chamku falls in love with Shubhi (Priyanka Chopra), a kindergarten teacher, and decides to lead a reformed life. His life changes when love enters his life and makes him realize how beautiful life is... But his past comes and stands on his face. A chanced encounter entangles him in the world of crime once again. The film is brilliantly shot on good locations, with ....
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Contract, movie review
If ‘Satya’ gave you inside view of the underworld, ‘Company’ an overview, Contract moves to the next level where underworld meets terrorism. Ram Gopal Verma’s typical traits, especially the tight close-ups of characters with cold expressions are effectively utilized in this slick underworld story. The underworld is more complex now, than depicted in Satya and Company. It has taken a stride deeper and has meta-morphed into something much more dangerous. In some instances it has become a conduit for terrorist networks. Terrorists would require ground support, also safe houses, local intelligence, sea routes and land routes to get in arms and explosives and informants in the Departments. In present times the RAW, IB, CID, Crime Branch, Anti Terrorist Squad, etc need to share information with each other. More people access and exchange the secret information through co-ord ....
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Kashmir Daily movie review
One of the most talented Bollywood actors of Kashmiri origin Mir Sarwar plays the lead role in Kashmir Daily. Mir has acted in acclaimed films Bajrangi Bhaijaan, Phantom, Dishoom and Jolly LLB-2.

Kashmir Daily - movie review

The valley-based actor Mir Sarwar is playing a crucial role in the movie. Mir Sarwar has acted in blockbuster Bajrangi Bhaijaan, Phantom, Daddy, Itefaq: It happened one night etc.It focuses on the drug abuse and the peak of unemployment in the state of Jammu and Kashmir. KASHMIR DAILY. this film revolves around the protagonist Hussain who is a journalist by profession. He believes in being voice of masses and of those people who are innocent or supressed. Kashmir Daily is the perfect blend of the valley as the movie is shot and edited in Kashmir itself. In one such incident he unveils the scandal of a known business tycoon who is our antagonist Gul K ....
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Aamir, movie review
Aamir the film is an impressive debut for Raj Kumar Gupta as a director. Even more so, it is a first film for the music director, the cinematographer, the leading man, the new production unit apart from the director. Gupta stays away from the clichés that a newcomer may be susceptible to. Aamir movie review... Instead of usually expected a la-Hollywood film-noir style, Gupta places this drama-thriller which exposes the Mumbai’s underbelly. Aamir, the film has been 'inspired' by the 2005 Filipino film Cavite and is essentially about a Muslim doctor Aamir Ali who is returning to Mumbai from London. The moment Aamir (Rajeev Khandelwal) lands at Mumbai Airport, he is extensively questioned by the Customs simply because he is Muslim. Our protagonist walks out of the airport and realizes no one is there to receive him. He even calls home but no one answers. More trouble so, whe ....
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Halla Bol, movie review
Halla Bol is a honest story essaying a spoilt superstar who has come up the hard way. A shocking incident changes everything, rocking the superstar's lifestyle. His inner voice wakes him up… He is caught between his human self on one side and his corrupted superstar image on the other. Rajkumar Santoshi, the director attempts to tell you that corruption has become a part of our everyday life. However, a lone voice raised against injustice can multiply into millions progressively. Halla Bol, the film tells you that all's not lost, that honesty, integrity and courage still have an advantage. Ashfaque (Ajay Devgan) is a small-town boy aspiring to be a film star in the Hindi film industry. He joins a street theatre group run by a reformed dacoit Sidhu (Pankaj Kapur), who uses street theatre as a medium to bring about an awakening in the masses. Determination and struggle pays off ....
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A model trying to make a few extra rupees on the sidelines by doubling as a bartender at a swinging party is shot at point blank range by a person who is refused a drink. No One Killed Jessica movie review... Reportedly, over the 300 people were present at the venue of Neno's and many must have seen this act of wanton criminality. 11 years and a feeble prosecution attempt later, all the accused walked away free on Tuesday, February 21, 2006. Set in New Delhi, the film No One Killed Jessica is based on the true story of the murder of a part time model Jessica Lall its directed by Raj Kumar Gupta, who had earlier directed the much acclaimed 2008 film Aamir. Vidya Balan plays the character of Jessica’s elder sister, Sabrina Lal and Rani Mukherjee is the TV reporter. The Saga unfolds with a late-night call to Sabrina Lall (Vidya Balan) waking her up from sleep – and she is told ....
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