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Contract – movie review

Underworld meets Terrorism


Contract, movie review

If ‘Satya’ gave you inside view of the underworld, ‘Company’ an overview, Contract moves to the next level where underworld meets terrorism. Ram Gopal Verma’s typical traits, especially the tight close-ups of characters with cold expressions are effectively utilized in this slick underworld story.

The underworld is more complex now, than depicted in Satya and Company. It has taken a stride deeper and has meta-morphed into something much more dangerous.

In some instances it has become a conduit for terrorist networks. Terrorists would require ground support, also safe houses, local intelligence, sea routes and land routes to get in arms and explosives and informants in the Departments.

In present times the RAW, IB, CID, Crime Branch, Anti Terrorist Squad, etc need to share information with each other. More people access and exchange the secret information through co-ordination, more are the chances of it being leaked out. CONTRACT is a film against this backdrop.

A man is planted in the underworld, who wins their confidence and starts eliminating them gradually which is partly due to settle his personal score with them.

Aman (Adhvik Mahajan) chooses to make himself and his life into a mission. Ahmad Hussain (Prasad Purandare) the chief of a special cell Mumbai police. His right hand doesn’t know what his left hand is doing. His deadpan face hides a wolf’s brain.

The maverick gangster RD (Sumeet Nijhawan) is responsible for the unholy marriage of underworld and terrorism. What makes him very dangerous is that he is still a kid at heart. After RD emerged the winner in the turf wars of mumbai underworld, Goonga (Upendra Limaye) is forced into a watery exile. He is living on a yacht to hide and survive in the desperate hope of killing RD one day. Sultan (Zakir Hussain) is a self- proclaimed guiding light, the messiah of mayhem, an agent of annihilation.

Dara (Kishore Kadam) is Mumbai’s top encounter cop. A megalomaniac who relishes killing.

Contract is fast paced and a compact flick with an interesting climax. Adhvik Mahajan has an imposing personality and the qualities of becoming a great actor. Upendra Limaye steals the show as Goonga. Amruta Subhash is so lively at the same time so touching when Goonga dies. Zakir Hussain and Prasad Purandhare are just okay whereas Sakshi Gulati is impressive.

CAST of Contract:
Adhvik Mahajan as Amaan
Sakshi Gulati as Iya
Amruta Khanvilkar as Divya
Prasad Purandare as Ahmad Hussain
Zakir Hussain as Sultan
Sumeet Nijhawan as RD
Ziyah Vastani as Binty
Raju Satyam as Haneef
Ranjeev Varma as Karim Ali
Yasir Khan as Allwyn
Jai Tari as Bhansali
Brajesh Jha as Zahwari
Upendra Limaye as Goonga
Amruta Subhash as Goonga’s Wife
Vikas Shrivastav as RAW Agent 1- (Lalji)
Raaj Gopal as RAW Agent 2- (Shridhar)
Rajendra Nirman as Jailor
Vibha Cheebur as Commissioner
Kishore Kadam as Dara
Jaspal Sandhu as Home Minster

CREW of Contract:
Director: Ram Gopal Varma
Producers: Praveen Nischol, Ajay Bijli & Sanjeev K. Bijli
Executive Producers: Ashish Saksena & Umang Pahwa
DOP: Aseem Mishra
Music: Amar Mohile, Sanaa Kotwal & Bapi – Tutul
Line Producer: Abhijit Ghatak
Editor: Amit Parmar & Nipun Ashok Gupta
Writer: Prashant Pandey
Lyrics : Prashant Pandey & Mehboob
Action Director: Allan Amin
Marketing & Publicity: Gautam Dutta & Ranjan Singh
Distribution: Sanjay Ghai & Gaurav Verma
Back Ground Score: Amar Mohile
Art Director: Khyatee Kanchan
Sound Designer: Debasish Mishra
Second Assistant Director: Javed Ansari
First Assistant Director: Sameer Sadhwani
ADR Assistant: Amit Ahire
Assistant Editor: Pranav Mistry
Contract, movie review