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Kidnap, movie review
Vikrant Raina (Sanjay Dutt), new worth 51.7 billion dollars - richest Indian in the world. One phone call and his world crashes down around him. His only child, his daughter Sonia has been kidnapped. The kidnapper will only negotiate with Raina. Kidnap movie review... The kidnapper does not demand a ransom; instead he wants to play a game. A twisted game. It requires Raina to be on the run and complete a series of "tasks". He must follow the kidnapper's every order and completes every task successfully, his daughter lives, if he leaves even one task incomplete. And the kidnapper is watching the every move he makes... Vikrant Raina (Sanjay Dutt) is a master boardroom strategist who is used to giving orders. Always in control, always one step ahead. Beyond the money, the power, the status is his only daughter Sonia who has been kidnapped. And control has been snatched away from hi ....
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Kismat Konnection, movie review
In college Raj Malhotra (Shahid Kapur) was at the top. In academics, sports, dramatics and touted as the next cover of Time magazine. He is wondering why a brilliant architect like him is grasping at straws to keep afloat. He has got some negative kismat following him around because whenever something good is about to happen, it seems he is doomed to fail. He is on the verge of losing confidence in him, on his luck. Kismat Konnection movie review... Hiten Patel (Vishal Malhotra) is Raj’s best friend and. He is impulsive and eager to rush into situations, without thinking things through. But he is also loyal and will stand by Raj through the worst of problems and impending bankruptcy. Desperate to fight this cursed kismat that's hell bent on playing such mean tricks on him, Raj meets a quirky oracle, Hasina Banu Jaan (Juhi Chawla) who is a Clairvoyant, fortune teller. She has got ....
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Kashmir Daily movie review
One of the most talented Bollywood actors of Kashmiri origin Mir Sarwar plays the lead role in Kashmir Daily. Mir has acted in acclaimed films Bajrangi Bhaijaan, Phantom, Dishoom and Jolly LLB-2.

Kashmir Daily - movie review

The valley-based actor Mir Sarwar is playing a crucial role in the movie. Mir Sarwar has acted in blockbuster Bajrangi Bhaijaan, Phantom, Daddy, Itefaq: It happened one night etc.It focuses on the drug abuse and the peak of unemployment in the state of Jammu and Kashmir. KASHMIR DAILY. this film revolves around the protagonist Hussain who is a journalist by profession. He believes in being voice of masses and of those people who are innocent or supressed. Kashmir Daily is the perfect blend of the valley as the movie is shot and edited in Kashmir itself. In one such incident he unveils the scandal of a known business tycoon who is our antagonist Gul K ....
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Khushboo, movie review
Khushboo is a simple love story about Raghu and Pinky. Raghu is a young boy, ambitious and successful professional who is on his way to make it big in his profession in New York.  Khushboo, movie review... But before his posting to the USA, Raghu needs to go to Chandigarh as his last assignment. Raghu gives high priority to his career and nothing comes over it. Khushboo - movie review... While he is in Chandigarh to complete professional assignment, he comes across Pinky, who steals his heart away with her charismatic looks. It appears that Raghu was destined to cross path with this cute girl to whom he is inadvertently drawn. This impish girl Pinky flits away every time, even before he can approach her. When they do meet and get to know each other they realize that they share a very strong bonding. Then Pinky once again vanishes from Raghu’s life for a while. When they ac ....
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Krazzy 4, movie review
Jaideep Sen's directorial debut, which is produced by Rakesh Roshan is about four madmen having peculiar personalities, being taken out for a change, finally involved in a kidnapping plot. As projected in it promos, it was supposed to have "humor in abundance" in the film Krazzy 4, unfortunately it barely has any genuine funny situations. Krazzy 4 is the story of four mental patients - Raja (Arshad Warsi) who is temperamental, Daboo (Suresh Menon) who can't speak, Mukherjee (Irrfan Khan) is a cleanliness freak with a compulsive disorder for neatness. Gangadhar (Rajpal Yadav) who thinks that he still lives in a bygone era of the pre-independence days. The pretty doctor - Sonali (Juhi Chawla) believes in treating her patients with love and understanding. Thinking that these four guys need to be some time away in interaction to the outer world which might benefit them, she takes them ....
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Khoya Khoya Chand
Khoya Khoya Chand takes you to back to the golden era of 1950s and 1960s of Bollywood, among old-fashioned lights, theatrical sets, divas and vintage vehicles. The visual treatment is marvelous, which creates a splendid atmosphere of those golden old days. Remember the old classic song " Khoya Khoya Chaand …" of a in a 1950's movie "Kaala Bazaar" which showed our evergreen "boy" Dev Anand during his hey days? It is a sleek, neatly created romance set against the golden era of cinema. The movie is of a pretty young starlet Nikhat (Soha Ali Khan) and Zafar (Shiney Ahuja). How she becomes a big star with the help of superstar Prem Kumar (Rajat Kapoor). Nikhat is a daughter of a well known actress Sharda and is keen to join the Hindi films industry. A young, fledgling wannabe actress, she learns dancing, incidentally she catches the eye of the top actor Prem Kumar with whom she falls ....
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Kaisay Kahein movie review
The director has chosen a nice topic where in ones life, it often brings in unpredicted and unwanted situations especially when your own career comes in way of your love life. We face the situation where a one has to choose the right path for making love a worthwhile journey while having ones professional goals intact that's what Kaisay Kahein is about. Set in London, ‘Kaisey Kahen’ is a urban-centric story of romance between banker Aditya (Rajveer Dutt) and TV journalist Radhika (Neha Julka) starts off warmly. They fall in love and go along well for two years without any problems at all. Aditya, 25, was doing wonderfully as a banker and was already aiming at the CEO’s position. Radhika hails from affluent business family who aims to be hot-shot journalist. Ironically, it was this media-savvy profession of hers which made her come close to Aditya. All seemed to go well as the ....
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Kaafila movie review
'Kaafila’ is the story of the troubles of a bunch of illegal immigrants headed to the greener pastures of the developed world. A journey which is fraught with danger, constant struggle and pain. The story travels and unravels through half of the world – India, Russia, Eastern Europe, Afghanistan and Pakistan. Kaafila movie review   Sunny Deol plays a man with clear conscience and a generous heart... And he is a devout Pakistani – a robust agent of ISI. All throughout the movie, events remind us constantly about the film’s theme which is about illegal immigration and human trafficking. The real-life incident of Malta Boat Tragedy is shown in which more than 300 illegal immigrants perished. The story also has other interesting angles like Russian mafia, a scientist with plutonium, Taliban, and much more... The movie has also some romantic sequences where Sunny ....
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Kaabil, movie review
Rohan Bhatnagar (Hritik Roshan) meets Supriya (Yami Gautam), they like each other and fall in love. They get married and life is full of roses, till one unfortunate day when a local goon and his friend misbehave with this made-for-each-other couple. This kickstarts the beginning of this happy couple's woes. Rohan and Supriya are specially abled (a blind couple) who understand each other through their sixth sense, like it is said that when an individuals are deprived with any of the 5 essential senses, the almighty always gifts them with a sixtn sense. Rohan is a voice-over artist, while Supriya is an independent working woman. The romance is shown blossoming in such a pattern that one tends to be a part of the story and begins to feel for them. One noteworthy instance in the film is right in the beginning where the couple while in their dating stage visit a mall and get separated. ....
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Kahaani 2, movie review
A suspense thriller featuring Vidya Balan, directed by Sujoy Ghosh. It is not a sequel of the 2012 film, just another installment of PEN's 'Kahaani' brand.

Kahaani 2 : Durga Rani Singh movie review

Vidya Sinha (Vidya Balan) is a single mom, working woman happily living with her daughter in Chandannagar a small town in West Bengal. Her teenaged daughter is wheelchair ridden hence the mother keeps a nurse while she is out in her office. This morning, the mother-daughter wake up late, so while rushing around with her morning chores, Vidya realizes that the nurse hasn't come for her duty. This caring mother ensures that her old neighbour keeps a periodic watch on her house till the time nurse arrives to keep her daughter some company. On returning home in the evening Vidya finds her daughter missing with no leads despite checking in with the neighbours. It is about 10 minute ....
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