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Kuchh Kariye – movie review

A social drama


Kuchh Kariye, movie review

What is life all about? What more does a successful person yearn for? Kuchh Kariye movie review…

Sukhwinder Singh has made a mark as a great singer. He is a gifted singer. But then every human has his hidden ambition. So it seems about our Sukhwinder Pa ji, and the outcome is this film directed by Jagbir Dahiya.

Lets come to the story of Kuch Kariye. Rishi (Sukhwinder Singh) is a simple and honest musician. He is in love with Alpana (Shriya). They have to leave their hometown for better prospects and arrive in Mumbai. In this city of Bollywood, Rishi comes across Javed Khan (Vikrum Kumar) and Shani (Rufy Khan), who have also reached this Filmytown to accomplish their dreams. This group of guys are as obsessive about movies as he is.

Together, they realize that all of them are an idealistic lot and desire to bring a change in the society and so they begin with launching a film with help from a lot of other people. Rishi and the group are a socially conscious group of people who decide to make a film to bring about a change in society.

A positive idea or a thought, they believe, can change the course of life. Like in a situation, if a person manages to rise above his personal needs, he can successfully bring a change.

While on their film, they also meet Roza (Khuahhish) and Pappu Halva (Mustaque Khan) who too support the group’s plans.

But, reality in life is something else, which they have never envisioned. But a terror attack changes everything. Rishi is now overcome with grief and disillusion. Will he choose the right path?

Kuchh Kariye is a social film dealing with certain contemporary and relevant issues. It’s journey of a man meeting his destiny and coming to terms with his own self.

The director has tried to show some realistic situations, like sometimes indoors in a house or with a static camera in a pub or street which at times does have no combination of scenes, or continuity.

Kuchh Kariye is a tale of struggle in the filmy town sends out some messages on peace and harmony within the public. It also tries to send a warning to terrorists, who spring out of nowhere. Not impressive here. Debutante director Jagbir Dahiya tries hard to deal with the current socio political scenario and even incorporates certain contemporary and relevant issues. But despite such good intentions the film falls flat.

Shriya is good though especially in emotional scenes. As for Sukhwinder’s acting skills, they are inversely proportional to his singing skill. He tries to flaunt his physique and even wears garish outfits!

Ironically, none of the songs leave an impact, in a film where an established singer wants to become an actor.

Cast of Kuchh Kariye:
Sukhwinder Singh – Rishi
Vikrum Kumar – Javed Khan
Rufy Khan – Shani
Shriya – Alpna
Khuahhish – Roza
Deepak Shirke – Anna Swami
Mushtaq Khan – Pappu Halva
Surendra Pal – Comissioner
Dinesh Hingoo – Govershan Bhai
Ahmed Khan – Kari
Anil Nagrath – Jaqub
Abhay Bhargava – Neta
Suresh Chatwal – Nandkumar
Jaishree Shivram – Guest Appearrance
Mukesh Tiwari – Banda Nawaj

Credits & Crew of Kuchh Kariye:
Producer – Jagbir Dahiya
Director – Jagbir Dahiya
Music Director – Onkar Singh
Lyrics – Manthan, Sunil Saivaiya, Salim Bijnauri
Choreography – Ganesh Acharya, Himesh Bhatt, Lolly Pop, Raju Khan
Editor – Sanjay Verma
Dialogue & Screenplay – Salim Bijnori
Art Director – Vijay Das, Sunil Das
Singers – Sukhwinder Singh, Sunidhi Chauhan, Zubeen Garg, Mahalakshmi Iyer, Sneha Pant, Navraj Hans
Kuchh Kariye, movie review