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Kaccha Limboo – movie review

A slice of life in an early teenager's life


Kaccha Limboo, movie review

Kaccha Limboo is Writer-Director Sagar Bellary’s genuine attempt of a journey into the mind and heart of an overweight and somewhat irritated child Shambhu and tries to reason out why the kid is always so distressed and lonely.

Kaccha Limboo is a coming-of-age early teen flick which is largely shot in the real corridors and classrooms of a Mumbai School. The slice-of-life moments in the school life are a delight, like when the kid is trying to copy his parent’s signature in his school calendar, and many other hilarious moments that have you in splits.

It is a tale of Shambhu (Taheer Sutarwala), a fat and clumsy 13 year old boy who has everything going against him – fights with seniors in school, warning from principal and so he decides to run away from home.

Oddball Shambhu just can’t fit in… like desperately trying to be a part of a group of his school friends, but they ignore him. In his school, he is the butt of jokes due to his awkward and overweight body image while at home where he just can’t seem to connect with his step father (Atul Kulkarni) and his mother (Sarika) – who can be simply described as stressed out parents.

The film has some interesting moments showing many interesting things in his school and home life.

They are followed by Shambhu’s misadventures as he runs into a bunch of slum kids in Mumbai’s underworld.
On the way, he comes across a tough-talking beachside boy from the Fisherman’s colony – Vitthal (Chinmay). On coming to know the street boy, Shambhu learns to see a new life which is quite opposite to his own. An unexpected situation occurs, and the boys have to take a journey.

Shambhu’s encounter with the street smart boy leads to friendship. Though they belong to entirely contrasting backgrounds, the friendly relationship gets as real as it can as the kids are so alike in their thoughts and dreams. In each other they try to find out the solutions of their distressed lives.

Everything worked just fine until a sudden turn of events force Vitthal and Shambhu to set out on a train journey in search of a place where they can find the freedom they desire.

Kaccha Limboo has an interesting storyline and even the presentation is good. The incidents like peer pressure, puppy love, familial frustrations and high-school dilemmas depicted here, seem so real, like what we did in our adolescent days. The dialogues are just okay, while the screenplay is much better. The background score is very fine, while Parixit Warrier’s Cinematography is above average.

Taheer comes up with a good act well supported by the talented Chinmay’s cool attitude. Still Sarika looks serene and the father Atul Kulkarni is apt. Iravati Harshe, the cameo of Vinay Pathak and Rajesh Kattar contribute nothing significant in the story.

Ballary’s work has some strong touching moments like the close-up of a schoolboy singing, the authentic picturisation of a village wedding. The film Kaccha Limboo is somewhat a contemporary version of Gulzaar’s Kitaab (1977), and falls short of Kitaab’s narration.

Director Sagar Ballary thanks Gulzar for Kitaab and Francois Truffaut for 400 Blows when the credits roll.

Cast of Kaccha Limboo:
Taheer Sutarwala – Shambhu
Atul Kulkarni – Shambhu’s father
Sarika – Shambhu’s Mother
Chinmay Kambli – Vitthal
Bhairavi Goswami
Iravati Harshe
Rajesh Khattar
Armaan Malik
Vinay Pathak

Credits & Crew of Kaccha Limboo:
Banner: Sahara Motion Pictures
Production House – Park Bench Motion Pictures
Producers: Sahara Motion Pictures, Park Bench Motion Pictures
Directed by Sagar Ballary
Story – Sagar Ballary
Dialogues – Jyoti Kapoor
Original Music by Amardeep Nijjer
Cinematography by Parixit Warrier
Film Editing by Suresh Pai
Assistant Directors – Rohit Joshi, Nischay Rout
Audiography – Tappas Nayak
Camera – Vinayak Radhakrishnan
Kaccha Limboo, movie review