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Masti Express – movie review

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Masti Express, movie review

Masti Express the new hindi film has two stories running in parallel: Rajpal Yadav and his wife Divya Dutta’s eager desire to have their kid educated in a renowned school and then the auto rickshaw race which also forms a part of the story. Masti Express movie review…

Director Vikram Pradhan also succeeds in creating hope in the viewer’s mind who would definitely want only their protagonist to win a race, whether it’s a chariot race, rickshaw race or even a cycle race – as portrayed in English and Hindi films.

Masti Express does appeal in parts, not in its entirety. During some moments, the film is engaging, but not throughout as there are many instances or scenes where the story seems to be stuck and leading to nowhere.

Raju (Rajpal Yadav) the auto rickshaw driver has a dream. He is impressed by the kids he ferries every morning to a renowned school where the kids study, our rickshaw driver wants to send his son to this school and ensure a better future for his son.

Seema (Divya Dutta), his wife is also keen to have her kid study and grow in a nice school. To secure admission as well as to give good education in this upmarket school, Raju has to earn much more than the meager earnings he makes.

The father has a million dollar dream. But where can he get those elusive millions that would ensure a better future for his son?

Raju’s son is refused admission initially by the School Principal (Manoj Joshi).

It is the story of a father Rajpal Yadav who is desperately trying to get his child’s admission in a renowned school and provide him good education. The father does not want his child to be just another brat growing up in a slum and ending up with a dull future in his life.

The father, a true hero rises against all odds. He has to face the neighborhood dada, Johnny Lever, and many other obstacles that come his way.

The usual bollywood style where the film is sprinkled with naach gaana (the songs picturised on Shankar Mahadevan and Kashmira Shah), then there is unsuccessful comedy with Rajpal and Jhonny Lever around, then the emotional angel with the father and his child. The other ingredient is participants of the race from other states of India.

Vikram Pradhan’s directorial debut with Masti Express does have some remarkable takes like the auto rickshaw in the finale, the parent’s efforts to secure their child’s admission in a reputed school, yet at the end one feels that the film is much lower than the expectation – the hype created with stars like Rajpal Yadav, Jhonny Lever and the talented Divya Dutta.

What was the need to inject some humour in the rickshaw race? Just to appease the front benchers it seems. Therefore it is the story which is neither a proper emotional drama nor a good comedy.

Other actors like Manoj Joshi as the school Principal is just under utilized, and Vijay Patkar and Razzaq Khan do their bit fine while delivering some funny lines, it is Ryan Pinto who has a screen presence and one could expect more from him in the coming films.

Cast of Masti Express:
Rajpal Yadav – Raju
Johnny Lever – Veerubhai
Divya Dutta – Seema
Razak Khan – Salim
Manoj Joshi – School Principal
Jaikumar Banotia – Babu
Rajesh Vivek – Chaubey
Mushtaq Khan – Patel
Vijay Patkar
Hemant Pandey
Uday Sabnis
Baljinder Singh
Bunty Rathore
Rohan Shah
Eric Nanda
Shankar Mahadevan
Kashmira Shah
Ali Asghar

CREDITS & CREW of Masti Express:
Banner – Brainwave Production
Producer – Vikram Pradhan, Siddhanta Ashdhir
Co-Producer – Imtiyaz Shaikh
Director – Vikram Pradhan
Background Music – Gulraj Singh
Cinematography – Dhananjay Kulkarni
Art – Ajit Dandekar
Editor – Gaurav Meshram
Dialogues – Bunty Rathore
Lyrics – Manoj Yadav
Film Editing – Gaurav Meshram
Masti Express, movie review